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How do we deliver people change?

To deliver change, first and foremost, we are committed to upskilling our people and empowering leaders, with the support of a team of subject matter experts to provide oversight, governance, and transparency.

We provide a people-partnering approach to organisational change with a strong ethic of care and transparency at its heart. The process is also supported by career-transition services.

This includes:

  • consideration of a guiding set of principles and stages all people change will adhere to
  • leaders who feel confident leading their own business-led change programmes
  • a revised redeployment employee experience through ‘in-placement’
  • inclusion and diversity being at the heart of our approach and decision-making
  • engagement of, and consultation with, our employees and the Nationwide Group Staff Union (NGSU) at an early and appropriate time in the change.

Redundancy is the last resort

To minimise the impact on our colleagues we follow a comprehensive process of providing access to redeployment and reskilling opportunities as alternatives to redundancy in the first instance. Where possible, people’s preferences may also be sought, however when redundancy is the ultimate outcome, we ensure our people are treated with dignity and respect as they leave the Society.

Whilst it’s important that we follow processes to meet our external and legal obligations we do this with a human touch never losing sight of the people involved. We understand that leaving the Society can be an important milestone for people and therefore we ensure that we do this in a professional and caring way.

How do we know we’ve made a positive impact?

Our Care-Full People Change Programme is designed to enhance our current approach to people change, keeping our ethic of care at the heart.

Through this programme, we can track and measure colleague sentiment in response to change; empower our leaders to effect change in the right way; and facilitate how we measure the impact of change on our inclusion and diversity profile.

If we deliver care-full people change as intended our colleagues will feel consulted and supported at each stage of the proposed change, in control, with autonomy and empowerment.