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Building a better relationship with nature

Humanity and all that it entails, from food, nutrients, and shelter, to climate, disease and oxygen production, are intrinsically linked with nature. Diversity in nature ensures it remains resilient to shocks and reduces risk to the services we rely on.

Yet market forces have traditionally not accredited nature with any value. Instead, they have exploited it so much, that biodiversity is approaching an irreversible threshold.

Biodiversity is an area that we are beginning to give greater consideration.

Our colleagues have started to get behind initiatives that increase awareness of the symbiotic relationship between human existence and the protection of nature.

Biodiversity at Oakfield, our not-for-profit housing development

Oakfield is a not-for-profit development of 239 sustainable, off-gas homes on a former Brownfield site. Central to the development is a landscaped park, which is designed with nature in mind. It includes swales and a wild meadow area to encourage biodiversity.

Species selection has been key in the design

The landscape will be enhanced with plants recommended by the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators Plant List’, which should encourage a wide range of wildlife. The homes will be fitted with bat boxes and some boundaries will have breaks of formal hornbeam hedges, allowing highways for hedgehogs and other small animals.

Alongside this, more than 300 trees of different varieties will be planted throughout Oakfield to bring seasonal interest and variation and accommodate various wildlife.

The development was awarded the industry-leading Building with Nature Design Accreditation (opens in a new window). Building with Nature enables developers to create places that allow people and wildlife to thrive, recognising high quality green infrastructure at all stages of the development process including policy, planning, design, delivery, and long-term management and maintenance.