Respect in football

In a Nationwide survey, almost two-thirds (63%) of people said footballers should set an example by showing respect.

Through The Football Association Respect programme, the Scottish Football Association Positive Play campaign, the Football Association of Wales Fair Play initiative and the Irish Football Association Back in the Game campaign, we hope to inspire respect.

As partners of The Football Association, we’ve pledged to help raise awareness of the Respect campaign (opens in a new window) among players, parents and coaches through our work with 100,000 under-18 grassroots football clubs in England.  Using clear codes of conduct, the campaign aims to help parents and coaches play a part in making football fun, safe and positive. 

Let’s make football a place of mutual respect.

Mutual Respect Awards

We're looking for people who’ve gone above and beyond to build mutual respect in grassroots football. Through our award we’re thanking those people for their contributions to making our society more tolerant and inclusive.

Mutual respect award winner: December

Simon Mahomed wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for December 2021.

Partnering across the UK

By working together, we can make a greater difference. We’re partnering with Football Associations across the UK to help make football more inclusive.

Scottish Football Association

The Positive Play campaign promotes a positive learning environment and rewards clubs that focus on effort and respect for players, coaches and parents (spectators).

The programme promotes fair play by youth players involved in 11-a-side games. It rewards clubs and schools that create a positive playing ethos and help the players to simply ‘let them play’.

Football Association of Wales

The Fair Play initiative rewards players and clubs who demonstrate mutual respect and fair play in the National Leagues.

With the Fair Play Award, the Association rewards and publicises clubs that are contributing to improving behavioural standards in football.

Irish Football Association

The Back in the Game campaign aims for players to gain health benefits and life skills from football.

Post-match meetings are opportunities to learn about coaching, social media and volunteering, while promoting mental health awareness. The campaign also helps to provide social opportunities for those who may feel vulnerable or isolated or who are suffering with poor mental health. Back in the Game is about supporting the long-term unemployed and encouraging good relations and mutual respect within diverse communities in Northern Ireland.