Who we’re working with

Mutual respect is about caring for one another, treating others as equals and helping us thrive, together. In a Nationwide survey, we found that 71% of the UK feel that levels of respect in society have declined in the last few years. That's why we're working with other organisations committed to creating a more caring and mutually respectful society, in all walks of life.

Respect in football

We are partnering with Football Associations across the UK to help promote respect on and off the pitch. With The Football Association Respect programme, the Scottish Football Association Positive Play campaign, the Football Association of Wales Fair Play initiative and the Irish Football Association Back in the Game campaign, we hope to make the game a more respectful and positive place.

Bullying in schools

We are working with The Diana Award to train an extra 10,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in over 660 primary schools across the UK over the next three years. Through this initiative, school children can develop key skills around tackling bullying, celebrating difference and supporting their peers, online and offline. 

Together Against Hate

Every day, customer-facing staff experience more than 400 incidents of abuse. We joined with Channel 4, the Co-op, Network Rail and Global Radio to raise awareness of this issue – because threatening and abusive behaviour should never be tolerated. Help us bring an end to this abuse.