Not all disabilities are visible

So it’s important to dispel myths and misconceptions about the topic.

However, an accessible and inclusive workplace is one that supports, respects and values everyone. That's why we asked two of our non-visibly disabled colleagues to help us raise awareness.

Natasja, Business Support Manager

Natasja has fibromyalgia. It causes widespread chronic pain and a heightened response to pressure.

To help manage her pain, Natasja works two days a week from home

She has specialist equipment, including a dictation package called Dragon. This means she doesn’t need to type if it’s too painful.

‘At Nationwide, I looked for networks to join to help support others with their disabilities and raise awareness. I’d learned not to be scared. To get out there and be open. I joined our disability employee network group, Enable’ says Natasja.

She also volunteered to appear in a film called ‘The Big Event’ and became one of the hosts for our disability e-Learning.

Matthew, District Manager

Matthew has a different kind of non-visible disability. He has dyslexia. In his case, it means he's strong in some areas. But less capable in others.

‘I struggled with basic phonics. I couldn’t hear the pronunciation of various sounds that a five-year-old could cope with. It highlighted some problems with my memory, too’ says Matthew.

We’ve given him an iPad with Dragon dictation software and a remote keyboard to help. Recruiting is a key part of his role too. To assist him in this area, he has the support of a colleague.

Matthew got involved with raising awareness when our Inclusion and Diversity Champion asked him to share his story.

The power of raising awareness

Thanks to people like Natasja and Matthew, our networks are helping people to better understand all disabilities. And that's creating an ever more inclusive and accessible workplace.

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