Free text alert service

Keep on top of your balance with free text alerts

Our free text alert service helps you manage your money more easily. Simply register for the service and tell us what alerts are important to you and we'll do the rest.

Text alerts to choose from

High balance alert

You can set a high balance value and receive a text alert when your balance reaches this amount, for example when your salary is paid in.

Low balance alert

Receive a text to let you know your balance is close to zero or near your overdraft limit (if applicable).

Regular mini statement

Receive a regular text showing your balance and last 5 transactions.

Payment retry alert

If you register for any alert, we'll also automatically send you a Payment Retry Alert 

How to register for text alerts

How to register for free text alerts

If you bank online with us, you can log in and register in the 'Manage my details & settings' section.
Use our Banking app, go to details & settings.

If you don't bank online, please either:

  • contact us on 0800 30 20 11, or 
  • visit us in branch.

Receiving text alerts

Receiving text alerts

High and low balance, mini statements and balance text alerts are normally delivered between 8am - 10am. Once you've registered, we'll send you a message to welcome you to the service. This will normally be sent the same day between 8am - 8pm.

Payment Retry alerts are sent between 8am - 12pm (midday).

If you register for any alert, we'll also automatically send you a payment retry alert if a pre-arranged Direct Debit, standing order, regular transfer, or a forward dated bill payment can't be paid because there aren't enough cleared funds in your account to cover the payment. You can then pay enough money into your account by 2:30pm that day, so that the payment can be taken when it's retried.

You can receive texts alerts abroad, but please check with your service provider for any charges you may incur.

Your mini statement alerts, will show you abbreviated transaction codes. View the mini statement transaction codes for a full description. 

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Text Alerts:


1. To receive Text Alerts you must hold a Nationwide current account. If you have more than one current account with us, you'll need to register to receive alerts for each account.

2. To receive text alerts you need a valid mobile phone number. Your alerts will only be sent to that number. Only one mobile number can be registered for each account holder. If you give us an invalid mobile number, we will not be liable if you don't receive your alert.

Receiving Text Alerts

3. Text Alerts will be sent once a day by text only. Nationwide will not charge you for Text Alerts. However, you are responsible for all charges made by your mobile network provider. Please be aware of all network charges, including any higher charges if you receive a Text Alert while abroad. Nationwide has no control over any charges made by your mobile network provider.

4. Depending on the service(s) you've subscribed for, the following alerts will be sent:
a) a mini-statement, consisting of your balance and the last five transactions on your account, sent at the times you've asked
b) a low balance alert, sent when your account has reached or dropped below the low balance limit you've set
c) a high balance alert, sent when your account has reached or exceeded the high balance limit you've set
d) a Payment Retry alert, sent when a payment due to be taken from your account can't be paid due to insufficient funds, and will be retried at 2:30pm that day
e) any other important information which we believe you need to know.

5. The information in each Text Alert will be correct only on the date and time set out in the alert. However, the balance shown in any Text Alert may not include all transactions on your account or cheques you have written that are due to be debited from your account.

6. We will only send you low balance alerts for a maximum of 2 days. We will send you a high balance alert once each time your balance reaches or exceeds the high balance limit account you set.

7. We will have no liability if you are unable to receive Text Alerts because of the failure of any machine, data processing system or transmission link or anything else beyond our text provider's reasonable control. We will also have no liability where others are able to read your Text Alerts.

Joint Accounts

8. If you are a joint Nationwide current account holder, only the account holder who has subscribed to receive Text Alerts for that account will receive Text Alerts.

9. If both joint Nationwide current account holders subscribe to receive Text Alerts, both account holders will receive Text Alerts to the mobile telephone number registered by each account holder.

10. If one of the account holders is removed from a joint Nationwide current account, that person will no longer receive Text Alerts.


11.  Please tell us straight away if your mobile is lost or stolen, or if you change your mobile number. Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for updates to take effect and therefore you may still receive Text Alerts during this period.

Making Changes

12. You can check and update your mobile number using the Internet Bank, in branch or by calling 0800 30 20 11.

13. You can check and update your Text Alerts contact preferences using the Internet Bank, Banking app, in branch or by calling 0800 30 20 11.

14. We may make changes to these terms and conditions. If the change is to your disadvantage we will tell you either by text message, e-mail, secure message, letter or by notice within the Internet Bank at least 30 days before we make the change. We may make any other change immediately and tell you about it either by text message, e-mail, a notice in branch, secure message, notice within the Internet Bank or an advertisement in the press.

15. You can unsubscribe from Text Alerts through the Internet Bank, Banking app, in branch or by calling 0800 30 20 11 and asking us to stop sending one or more Text Alert services. Please note that you'll need to unsubscribe separately for each Nationwide current account you hold which you don't want to receive Text Alerts for.

16. If you close your Nationwide current account we will stop sending Text Alerts for that account. If you then open another Nationwide current account you can subscribe for Text Alerts for that account.

17. We reserve the right to withdraw Text Alerts at any time. We will not be liable to you if we do withdraw this service or if for any reason you do not receive a Text Alert. Where possible we will tell you if and when we plan to withdraw the service.

Mini statement transaction codes

Mini statement transaction codes 

 FlexAccount linked Access Payment
BC  Bank Credit
BD  Direct Debit
BP  Bill Payment
CN  Correction
CQ  Credit by Cheque
CR  Credit by Cash
CW Personal Cheque Withdrawal
DC  FlexAccount Payment Card Purchase/Credit Voucher
DW FlexAccount Payment Card Visa Cash Withdrawal
IC Interest/Charges
MT Telephone Top-up
SO Standing Order
TP Credit/Debit (being processed today)
UB Unpaid Bill Payment
UD Unpaid Direct Debit
US Unpaid Standing Order
WD Withdrawal
XF Transfer to/from another account

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