In addition to the general terms and conditions the following apply to Treasurers' Trust. If there is a conflict between the general conditions and these Treasurers' Trust conditions, the Treasurers' Trust conditions will take priority.


  1. Words importing persons include unincorporated bodies or associations and charities.
  2. The minimum required to open the account is £50.
  3. Treasurers' Trust is available only to charities, clubs and societies and is not available to private limited or public limited companies.


  1. Interest is paid to the account half-yearly on 30 June and 31 December.
  2. Interest is paid without tax deducted. The receipt of gross interest does not mean the interest is not liable to UK taxation. In order to check your eligibility for gross interest and your tax position in general it is recommended you speak with HM Revenue and Customs.

Taking Money out

  1. A passbook must accompany any request for a withdrawal from the account.

Paying Money in

  1. Deposits can be made at any branch. However, there is a coinage daily maximum of £10 (which must be appropriately bagged).
  2. Bank note deposits will be accepted up to a daily maximum of £5,000 and notes must be presented batched by denomination. Larger amounts will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and only by prior arrangement with the account holding branch.
  3. A maximum of 10 cheques may be deposited on any one day. Larger numbers will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement with the account holding branch