The following conditions apply to the Save to Buy savings account. If there is a conflict between the general terms and conditions and these Save to Buy conditions, the Save to Buy conditions will take priority.

Meaning of Words and Expressions

  1. In these conditions the following words and expressions have the following meanings:
    1. Account - means your Nationwide Building Society Save to Buy account which is either a Save to Buy ISA and/or a Save to Buy savings account.
    2. First Time Buyer – means someone who has not had a mortgage in the three years preceding the opening of the Account. For joint Save to Buy mortgage applications all applicants must be a First Time Buyer but only one will need to be a Save to Buy Savings Account holder.
    3. Home Mover – Means someone who is moving home and has been party to a mortgage in the last three years. Any existing mortgage(s) must be repaid or, for existing Nationwide mortgages, may be ported, on completion of the Save to Buy mortgage.
    4. Minimum Monthly Deposit – means the minimum sum of £50 which you must pay into either your Save to Buy ISA or Save to Buy savings account.
    5. Save to Buy mortgage - means the mortgage product(s) available to Account holders.

Account holding and ownership

  1. The Account is only available to those aged 18 or over who are First Time Buyers or Home Movers. For joint Accounts the maximum number of Account holders is four.
  2. If you have not applied for the Save to Buy mortgage on or before the third anniversary of opening the Account or you have completed the Save to Buy mortgage and the Account is still open on the third anniversary the Account will automatically convert to a Nationwide CashBuilder account or equivalent instant access account.
  3. You may only open one Account (which can comprise a Save to Buy ISA and a Save to Buy savings account) which can either be in your own name or held jointly with someone else.
  4. You are responsible for making the Minimum Monthly Deposits to the Account.
  5. The minimum deposit to open the Save to Buy ISA or Save to Buy savings account is £50 and the minimum balance is £50.
  6. The maximum deposit and balance in the Account is £20,000. The Save to Buy ISA is subject to HMRC ISA subscription limits. If the balance on an Account exceeds £20,000 the interest rate payable on the whole Account balance is 0.25% gross p.a.
  7. Transfers in from an ISA held with another provider to the Save to Buy ISA account are not permitted.


  1. Interest is paid to the Save to Buy savings account on 31 December and the Save to Buy ISA on 30 September each year or it can be paid directly to a Nationwide savings account (excluding Regular Savings or Flexclusive Regular Saver) or a current account with us or any other provider.

Taking money out

  1. Withdrawals are not allowed. Closure is permitted at any time.

Save to Buy Mortgage & Cashback Eligibility

  1. To apply for the Save to Buy mortgage you must have held the Account for at least 6 months prior to application and meet the following requirements:
    1. If the Account has been open for less than 12 months at the date you apply for the Save to Buy mortgage you must not have missed more than 3 Minimum Monthly Deposits of at least £50 into your Accounts from the date of opening to the date you apply for the Save to Buy mortgage. If the Account has been open for 12 months or more at the date of application for the Save to Buy mortgage you must have deposited at least £50 per month into your Account for not less than 9 out of the preceding 12 months. Transfers between Save to Buy Savings Accounts do not qualify as a Minimum Monthly Deposit for eligibility purposes.
    2. Nationwide’s mortgage underwriting criteria applying at the date of the application for the Save to Buy mortgage, which will include, but is not limited to, an assessment of your ability to repay the mortgage and a satisfactory valuation of the property you wish to purchase.
  2. If you complete a Save to Buy mortgage you may be eligible for a cashback reward. If a cashback is payable, the amount of cashback will be confirmed in the welcome letter you receive when the Account is opened and will be based on the combined balance of all named mortgage applicants’ Accounts at the time of their application for the Save to Buy mortgage. Only Accounts of named Save to Buy mortgage applicants will count toward the cashback reward.
  3. If you are eligible for a cashback, it is payable either by cheque or by bank transfer to the current account where the mortgage payment is taken from, within one month of completion of the new mortgage.
  4. Only one cashback will be paid per Save to Buy mortgage. Where more than one mortgage product is selected as part of a single mortgage application, only one cashback will be payable.
  5. We may from time to time offer other mortgage promotions and incentives for Account holders and these may differ for First Time Buyers and Home Movers