In addition to the Savings General terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions apply to Regular Savings. If there is any conflict between the Savings General terms and conditions and these Regular Savings terms and conditions, these Regular Savings terms and conditions will take priority.

  1. This account is available to anyone aged 11 or over.
  2. The account can have a maximum of two joint account holders.
  3. The minimum initial deposit and minimum balance is £1.
  4. The maximum initial deposit in the account is £1,000.
  5. The maximum balance in the account is £5 million.
  6. You may only open one Regular Savings account which can be either in your own name or held jointly with someone else.
  7. Nationwide's No Penalty Transfer Policy applies to this account. This means if we discontinue this account and introduce a new account that replaces it, we will write and let you know.


  1. Interest is calculated monthly and paid to the account once a year on 31 October and on closure.
  2. The interest rate depends on the increase in the account balance in that calendar month, not how much you have in the account.
  3. Closures are treated as a full withdrawal of the funds and in the month of closure the minimum interest rate tier will apply.


  1. If you make a transaction a statement will be sent to you in that quarter.

Paying money in

  1. The overall balance in the account can be increased by a maximum of £1,000 per calendar month from the starting balance. The starting balance is the account balance at the start of the first day each month. Interest paid to the account does not count towards the monthly increase in balance.
  2. All payments of cash or cheques into the account must be made at a Nationwide cash machine unless the cash machine is unavailable.
  3. Payments into the account by CHAPS or overseas electronic payments are not allowed.
  4. We will reject payments that increase the starting balance by more than £1,000. The whole amount will be returned to the payer.

Taking money out

  1. You can withdraw any available funds in the account without notice or loss of interest. Withdrawals of interest count as a normal withdrawal from the account.
  2. All withdrawals from the account must be made at a Nationwide or Link cash machine unless the withdrawal is above the cash machine limit, in which case you can make the withdrawal at one of our branches.