In addition to the Savings General terms and conditions and the cash ISA terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions apply to Regular Saver ISA. If there is a conflict between the Savings General terms and conditions, the cash ISA terms and conditions and these Regular Saver ISA terms and conditions, these Regular Saver ISA terms and conditions will take priority.

Account holding and ownership

  1. The minimum balance on the account is £1.
  2. The maximum initial deposit in the account is £1,270.
  3. You can only have one Regular Saver ISA at any one time.
  4. The account is for a fixed term from date of opening until 31 March 2016. After that fixed period, your funds will be transferred into the on-sale issue of Instant ISA Saver or if not available the nearest equivalent instant access ISA. The terms and conditions and interest rate applicable to that new account at that time will apply.


  1. Interest is calculated daily and will be paid on 31 March 2016 and on closure.
  2. Interest can be paid into the account, a Nationwide current or savings account (subject to the terms and conditions of that receiving account) or a current account with another bank or building society.
  3. We will calculate interest on each whole pound in the account.
  4. The interest rate payable on the account is variable.

Paying money in

  1. The minimum deposit is £1.
  2. All deposits will count towards your annual ISA allowance and cannot exceed your annual ISA allowance.
  3. You may pay money into your account (up to your annual ISA allowance) and take money out of your account at any time but the increase in your balance cannot exceed £1,270 at any time in each calendar month. For example:
    £1,270 deposited into the account at the start of the month
    Example 1: Mid month: attempt to deposit £500 Payment rejected
    Example 2: Mid month withdraw £500 End month: pay in £500 Payment accepted
  4. If any amount you pay in would increase the balance in your account by more than £1,270 in that calendar month, or exceed your annual ISA allowance, the whole amount of that payment will be returned to you.
  5. From 1 March 2016, the maximum monthly balance increase limit of £1,270 will be removed and you can then deposit up to your remaining annual ISA allowance, if any.
  6. Transfers into the account from any other ISAs are not permitted.
  7. We will reject payments into the account from an existing ISA. The funds will be returned to the originating ISA or paid into an instant access ISA and the terms and conditions and interest rate applicable to that account at that time will apply.

Taking money out

  1. You can withdraw any available funds in the account, or transfer to another ISA provider, without notice or loss of interest.