In addition to the general conditions and the cash ISA conditions, the following conditions apply to Junior ISA Maturity Account. If there is a conflict between the general conditions, the cash ISA conditions and these Junior ISA Maturity Account conditions, the Junior ISA Maturity conditions will take priority.

Account holding and ownership

  1. This account is the maturity product for a Smart Junior ISA


  1. Interest is calculated daily and paid into the account annually on 31 March and on closure
  2. We will calculate interest on each whole pound in the account
  3. The interest rate payable on the account is variable and is based on the balance in your account

Paying money in

  1. No additional deposits can be made into this account following the transfer of funds into the account from your matured Smart Junior ISA
  2. Transfers in from other ISA providers are not permitted

Taking money out

  1. Part withdrawals are not permitted. If you want to withdraw funds from the account, the account must be closed or all of the funds in the account transferred to another account
  2. No notice is required for closure or transfer of funds