In addition to the general conditions and the cash ISA conditions, the following conditions apply to the Fixed Rate ISA and Tracker ISA only. If there is a conflict between the general conditions, the cash ISA conditions and these Fixed Rate ISA and Tracker ISA conditions, the Fixed Rate ISA and Tracker ISA conditions will take priority.

  1. The minimum initial deposit for a Fixed Rate ISA is £1.
  2. The minimum initial deposit for a Tracker ISA is £100.
  3. For Tracker ISA changes in the interest rate will take place within one month of a change in the Bank of England Base Rate.
  4. If the account is for a fixed term, the term will start on the day the account is opened and end on the expiry of the period set out in the information you were given when you opened the account that contains the term of the account and the interest rate.
  5. Part withdrawals are not permitted during the term of the account.
  6. The account can be closed prior to maturity, subject to the early access charge calculated at the prevailing rate or, if applicable, notice period shown below. These early access charges or notice periods do not apply:
    1. On closure, or transfer to another ISA, during the first 14 days after the account opening. For Fixed Rate ISA, this can only be carried out by us following receipt of a Cancellation Form which can be obtained from, and must be returned to any Nationwide branch.
    2. On closure due to the death of the account holder.
Terms and conditions
Term 1 year or less 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
Fixed Rate ISA Loss of interest 90 days 180 days 270 days 320 days 365 days
Tracker ISA Notice or loss of interest 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

If your term includes part of a year your early access charge will be calculated based on the next whole year e.g. 18 month term = the 2 year early access charge.

  1. If the account is closed, the whole deposit may be withdrawn immediately, less any early access charge, by cheque against cleared funds. Withdrawals in cash will not be permitted. If there is insufficient earned interest on the account to meet the early access charge, then all or part of the charge will be taken from the balance in the account.
  2. Additional deposits to the account after opening are not permitted.
  3. We may from time to time issue other fixed term accounts at different interest rates or terms without offering you the opportunity to transfer your deposit to the new account free of these conditions.
  4. Interest can either be paid annually or monthly:
    1. Annual interest is paid once a year and on maturity and can be paid into the account or paid directly into a Nationwide savings account (subject to the terms and conditions of the receiving account), or current account held with us or any other provider. The date of payment of that interest is specific to each Fixed Rate ISA or Tracker ISA issue. Please refer to the rate information you were given at the time you opened your account or ask in branch.
    2. Monthly interest is paid on the last day of each calendar month and on maturity and can only be paid directly into a Nationwide savings account (excluding Regular Savings) or current account held with us or any other provider. The last monthly interest payment will be added to the account and not paid to any other account you have nominated to receive interest payments.
    3. When the term is not a full year and you have not chosen to receive monthly interest, interest is paid into your account on maturity.
  5. Before your account matures we will write to you with your reinvestment options. If we do not hear from you we will transfer your balance together with interest into another Nationwide cash ISA when your account matures.