In addition to the general conditions, the following conditions apply to Direct Easy Access. If there is a conflict between the general conditions and these Direct Easy Access conditions, the Direct Easy Access conditions will take priority.

Account holding and ownership

  1. The account can have a maximum of four joint account holders
  2. The minimum balance on the account is £1.
  3. The maximum balance on the account is £5 million.


  1. Interest is calculated daily and paid annually on 31 December and on closure.
  2. Interest can be paid either into the account, a Nationwide current or savings account (subject to the terms and conditions of the receiving account), or a current account with another bank or building society.
  3. We will calculate interest on each whole pound in the account.
  4. The core interest rate payable on the account is variable. In addition to the core interest rate, a fixed bonus interest rate is payable on some issues of this account for a set period applicable to the issue number of the account. The issue number of the account and details about any bonus interest rate payable can be found by logging onto the Internet Bank or by contacting us.

Operating the account

  1. You can withdraw any available funds in the account without notice or loss of interest.
  2. Payments into and out of your account can be made to and from your nominated account by logging onto the Internet Bank. Your nominated account must be a UK account on which you are named as an account holder.