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With no shareholders to worry about, our only focus is you. That means doing all we can to look after you, treat you fairly and give you great value. As an open and transparent savings provider, we aim to keep you fully informed, so you can make the best decisions about your savings. Our seven promises to savers are designed to help you make the most of your savings.

Come and see us for a free Savings Review

As part of our Savings Promises, you can have a free review of your savings in any of our branches. Our colleagues are on hand to talk through your options and help you decide which accounts best meet your needs.

Our seven promises to savers

  1. We won't offer 'brand new customer only' savings accounts.
  2. We'll reward existing savers with exclusive savings accounts (product eligibility criteria will apply).
  3. We guarantee our Fixed Rate ISA rates will match or beat our equivalent Bond rates, and our Champion ISA rate will match or beat our Champion Saver rate.
  4. Earn interest on your Cash ISA as soon as we receive your transfer application, provided that your funds are free to move and not subject to any notice period.
  5. We offer a Rate Guarantee when you take another Fixed Rate Bond or Fixed Rate ISA – if our rate changes between the date we notify you of your options and your existing product maturity date, we'll give you the better rate as long as you get back to us by your maturity date.
  6. Every year we'll send you a personal savings summary showing both the rate you're receiving and details of our range of savings accounts (for customers 18 or over with a savings balance of £500+).
  7. We'll give you a free Savings Review to help you find out if you can get more from your savings.

These are our Savings Promises which will form part of your Nationwide savings account terms and conditions. These Savings Promises DO NOT apply to accounts opened with the Cheshire Building Society, Derbyshire Building Society and Dunfermline Building Society, who have their own version of the Savings Promises.

Savings promises personal savings summary FAQs

What are our Savings Promises?

We launched our 7 Savings Promises in November 2010. They’ve been designed to help our customers make the most of their savings.

What does my Savings Promises personal savings summary tell me?

Your personal savings summary provides the following information:

  • A list of the savings account(s) you hold
  • The account number(s)
  • Balance(s) as at statement date
  • Interest rate(s) as at statement date
  • Please note: this statement is not a tax summary statement.

Why is the interest rate different from what I thought I was getting?

Interest rates on variable rate accounts can go up or down through the course of the year; there can be a number of reasons why the interest rate may change:

  • A bonus interest rate has expired
  • You have not met the account eligibility criteria for a higher interest rate
  • The account has matured into another account with a different interest rate
  • The variable interest rate has changed (as per the conditions of the account)
  • If you have Regular Savings the rate shown will be the basic rate, The actual rate you receive depends on the increase in your overall balance each month.

How can I find out when my interest rate changes or bonus expires?

You can find out when your interest rate will change by visiting our all savings accounts page and selecting the tab 'An existing account that I already hold'. You then need to select your account from the drop down list. 

We will notify you before your bonus expires or account matures to let you know. Alternatively, why not sign up for SavingsWatch? Quite simply, with SavingsWatch, if we change your savings interest rate, up or down, we'll let you know by email or SMS - you choose how. And if we launch a new savings account, we'll tell you about that too, by email.

When does my interest get paid?

Interest is paid at different dates throughout the year depending which account you hold and the terms and conditions of your account. Find out when interest is paid on your account.

Does the interest rate on my personal savings summary include any bonus rate?

All accounts which have a bonus interest rate will have this included in the rate shown. If you are eligible for a bonus interest rate it will be credited to your account in December.

What period does my personal savings summary cover?

It covers a 12 month period prior to the date shown on your personal savings summary.

Why are some of my accounts not listed on my personal savings summary?

If you opened your account after the date on your personal savings summary, the details would not appear on the summary. Any new account opened after you received your summary will be included on your next annual Savings Promises personal savings summary if it is still open at that time. Accounts which have been closed or accounts which have a negative balance are not included. You can view the details of your account(s) including balance(s) and interest rate(s) at any time on our Internet Bank Register for the Internet Bank.

Can I view my personal savings summary online?

This facility is not currently viewable on the Internet Bank. However, you can view your account history, interest earned and the current interest rate for each savings account you hold on the Internet Bank. Register for the Internet Bank.

I don’t feel my account is meeting my saving needs, what can I do?

We’re always happy to discuss your saving needs and as part of our Savings Promises, we offer you a free Savings Review in any Nationwide branch. You can also view our full range of savings accounts.

I have an account with Dunfermline/Derbyshire/Cheshire Building Society, why are these not included on my Savings Summary?

Savings accounts held with Dunfermline, Derbyshire, or Cheshire Building Society are covered by their own Savings Promises and you will receive a separate personal savings summary for these.

Some of my personal details shown are incorrect, why is this?

Your personal details used in this mailing were the details we held for you as at the date on your personal savings summary. If necessary you can update your telephone number, email address and marketing preferences via our Internet Bank. You can also update your address details if you have a card reader. Alternatively, you may wish to visit us in branch.

Why have I received my personal savings summary but the joint account holder hasn’t?

We always try to ensure that joint account holders receive their mailings at the same time however due to the high volume of savings customers this annual mailing has been staggered over three months. The joint account holder will receive their statement shortly.

Your Savings Promise Summary

As part of our Savings Promises we send you an annual savings summary detailing the products you hold, the interest rate you’re receiving and our range of saving accounts to help you make the most of your money.
You can view our range of Savings accounts here and if you have any questions about your statement, take a look at the statement below or view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Savings summary example