Manage your money more easily with our free text messaging service.

You can choose to register for any or all of the following:

  • Low balance alert - Set a limit of your choice, for example receive a text to let you know you are close to a zero balance or near your overdraft limit (if applicable)
  • High balance alert - Set a limit of your choice, for example, receive a text to notify you of a large credit, like a salary payment
  • Regular mini statement - Receive a text providing your balance and last five transactions. This can be sent weekly or monthly, on a day of your choice
  • If you register for any alert, we'll also automatically send you a Payment Retry alert. This will let you know if a pre-arranged Direct Debit, standing order, regular transfer, or a forward dated bill payment can't be paid because there aren't enough cleared funds in your account to cover the payment. You can then pay enough money into your account by 2:30pm that day, so that the payment can be taken when it's retried.

How to register

If you bank online with us, you can log in and register in the 'Manage my details & settings' section. If you don't bank online, please either: 

  • complete our Telephone Banking registration form
  • contact us on 0800 30 20 11, or
  • visit us in branch

Changing your mobile number

If your mobile number changes, or your phone is lost or stolen, please let us know immediately on 0800 30 20 11.

Transaction Codes

Mini statement alerts will contain abbreviated transaction codes. View the descriptions.

Terms and conditions