Image-based cheque clearing

The way we process cheques is changing; so you have access to your funds as quickly as possible, we're digitising the process which means cheques will take less time to clear.

We are rolling out the new system gradually between October 2017 and the second half of 2018. Right now, you do not have to do anything differently.

Further information on our rollout will be provided here in due course.

What does this mean?

Using a digital image of the cheque, cheques from all banks and building societies will be processed and cleared the next working day, even when the cheque writer and cheque recipient are with different banks and building societies.

This means that cheques will be credited to your account ahead of current timescales so you can withdraw your funds sooner. It also means if you write a cheque it will clear more quickly out of your account, once the cheque is deposited. 

Just as now, you will need to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account before writing a cheque.  

Nationwide strives to provide a range of payment services to our members that meet their everyday requirements. There are alternative ways to pay in money and receive money such as Faster Payment for example. Check out our Ways to Pay section to find out all your payment options with Nationwide.

What does it mean now?

Right now, nothing is changing. We are busy building the systems and processes that we need in place to support image-based cheque clearing.

We’ll give you more details nearer the time. Rest assured, you will always be able to write and receive cheques in the same way as you do today. You will also have exactly the same choice of method to pay in your cheque – by post, at branch, or ATM.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know a bit more about these planned changes, you can review the FAQs produced by the industry body who is leading these changes, the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company.

For further information and help on how to use cheques.