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Trusteer rapport FAQs

When you browse to a website in Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Rapport icon appears next to the browser's address bar.

The icon is green when Rapport is protecting your communication with the website:

Trusteer green icon

Trusteer grey icon

Please check the System Requirements page to see if your computer and browser are supported.

Rapport is compatible with most other security software. For a full list of compatible products, please visit the Trusteer compatibility page.

For a full list of websites already protected by Rapport, please visit the Trusteer protected websites page.

You can add additional websites to your protection, please visit Trusteer Rapport Licence page.

Any performance or browser issues you may have experienced during the time Trusteer Rapport was installed were probably a result of software incompatibility or a clash with malware already on your PC.

Trusteer test Rapport extensively against hundreds of solutions and do everything they can do to prevent, identify and fix such issues, although there are some software combinations they haven't yet reached.

If you are experiencing performance issues with your computer, please contact Trusteer Support. They will help resolve the issues you are experiencing.

Unfortunately Rapport's anti-screen capturing mechanism may interfere with screen readers, magnifying software or other assistive technologies. We do not recommend Rapport for the visually impaired at this time. If you do not use Trusteer Rapport you are still covered by our Internet Banking promise.

There is a known issue with Trusteer Rapport where for some customers the characters typed are not the same as those displayed on screen. This is not unique to our new Internet Bank or Nationwide and Trusteer have provided some guidance on how to resolve the issue. Please visit the Trusteer Rapport support page and type "incorrect keystrokes" into the search box.

For instructions on how to uninstall Rapport, please refer to the Trusteer Uninstalling Rapport page.

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