What's the number used to call me?

We will use one of two numbers, depending on which account we suspect fraud on and the cards you hold:

Current Account and Savings - 0845 401 9133
Credit Card - 0845 351 2255

You will be called up to four times on your home number, personal mobile and other mobile number between 8am and 8.30pm. We will not call other landline numbers such as a work phone.

The first call attempt is likely to be within minutes of the suspected fraudulent transaction taking place.

We will call you on your home number, personal mobile or other mobile number. We will not call other landline numbers such as a work phone.

What will I hear?

Once you have confirmed you are the account holder, you will hear a short list of transactions – a maximum of six. Using your keypad, you can tell us whether these transactions have been made by you. 

We may include transactions from your current account, credit card or savings accounts cards which have been used on the internet, over the phone, in shops or to make an ATM withdrawal. 

If you didn’t make the transactions, then you will have the option to be transferred to a consultant to discuss this further

What happens if I miss the call?

We will leave you a voicemail and ask you to call us back on one of the following numbers:

Current Account and Savings - 0845 401 9133 (UK) +44 1793 659928 (abroad)
Credit Card - 0845 351 2255 (UK) +44 2476 438996 (abroad)

The standard mobile network or landline charges will apply.

When you call back, you will be taken through to the automated telephone system. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but we will only call you between 8am and 8.30pm.

What happens to my card if I don't call back

Your card will continue to be blocked and you will receive a letter from us asking you to call the automated contact number.

When can I use my card, after confirming the transactions?

Your card can be used within minutes of you confirming the transactions read to you by the automated system are genuine.

If your transaction was declined you will need to re-do the transaction

What information will you need?

The only personal information you will be asked for is your date of birth. The automated system will provide a choice of birth years for you to select from and then you can enter your birth month or birth day.

You will not be asked for your account number or PIN.

Once you have confirmed you’re the account holder and have listened to the transactions, or if you can't answer the questions, you will have the option to be transferred to a consultant. If there isn't a consultant available, we will call you back (the next working day if you're calling outside our working hours 8am and 8.30pm).

What happens if someone else answers my phone?

The automated voice clearly says, if you’re not the customer do not continue with the call. The person answering the phone will then have the option to:

  • pass the phone to the customer
  • enter an alternative number for the customer
  • tell us that the number is no longer valid for the customer, or
  • allow the system to leave a voice message

Will you send me a letter?

We will send you a letter if:

  • we do not hold any contact details or we are unable to contact you through the automated system
  • you have not replied to a message left from the automated system within 24 hours. You will be sent a letter asking you to call the automated contact number
  • the specific transaction is not covered by our Automated Customer Contact system