Could you save money by transferring another credit or store card balance to your Nationwide credit card? See the rates and charges, how to make the transfer, and what the minimum and maximum limits are.

What's a balance transfer?

A balance transfer is when you move an outstanding balance from an existing store card or credit card onto a different credit card. Having all your balances in one place can make it easier to manage your money and could mean you save on interest charges.

You can transfer a balance at any time and there's no limit on how many balances you can transfer. Just remember that you can't transfer a balance that would be more than 95% of your agreed credit limit. This includes any fees which may apply when  you transfer. Always make sure you maintain payments on existing cards until the balance transfer is complete, otherwise you may be charged a missed payment fee.

Balance transfer rates and charges

Transfer a balance to your credit card

You can do this online or by phone:

  • The minimum transfer is £1.
  • You can't transfer a balance of more than 95% of your agreed credit limit. This includes any fees which may apply when you transfer a balance. See your credit card agreement for fees or log in to check your credit card limit online.


  1. Log in
  2. Choose ‘view accounts’
  3. Select your credit card
  4. Choose ‘transfer a balance’

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