Interest is charged if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, excluding interest on cash withdrawals which is charged immediately. You can see your balance transfer, purchase and cash interest rates on your monthly statement.

How is interest calculated?

We work out interest on the average daily balance during each month, which is then charged to your account on your statement date. This means we charge interest on any unpaid interest that has been added to your account.

Interest won't be charged on purchases if you pay the total balance (excluding balance transfers on your introductory rate or any other promotional rate) shown on your statement by the payment due date. Interest is charged on all other transactions from the date they are applied to your account until the total statement balance is paid in full

Rates and charges

To see exactly how interest rates and charges are calculated for your account, select your card from the list below:

Paying your bill

You can pay your credit card bill online, by phone, or in branch.

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