If you have any questions about managing your Smart account, check the frequently asked questions below to see if we can help (just click the question and the answer will appear underneath):

By cash/cheque or transfer from another Nationwide account at any Nationwide branch.

An adult can set up a regular standing order to pay money into your account.

On the Internet Bank or Telephone Banking (Smart cash card account only)

Our children’s savings account is pretty flexible. With a passbook you can take out up to £500 in cash at any branch or up to £500,000 as a cheque, if you have the money in your account.

If you’ve got a cash card, you can take out up to £500 every day, £300 of which can be from a cash machine, free of charge*, at over 56,000 cash machines throughout the UK. Please note, unfortunately you can’t use your card abroad. You can use your card to top up an O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile or Vodafone pay-as-you-go mobile phone with up to £25 per day at a cash machine at any Nationwide branch. This top up is part of your daily cash machine withdrawal allowance of £300.

You can transfer money online via the Internet Bank or Telephone Banking (if you have a cash card).

* We don’t charge you for using cash machines, but the machine provider may make charges over which we have no control.

Passbook account - Your passbook provides the record of transactions. A statement will be sent to you annually, as long as you have £100 or more in your account(s) when we produce the statement. Full statements are available on the Internet bank.

Cash card account - Statements are sent quarterly if you make a transaction (can be monthly, half-yearly or annually on request if you write to us) and mini-statements are available through Nationwide cash machines and Telephone Banking.

Full statements are available on the Internet Bank.

Smart offers different online functions depending whether you have a cash card or passbook account.

Smart account Passbook:

  • You can view your balance by Signing On
  • You can view your statement by Signing On
  • You can receive transfers from other Nationwide card and instant access savings accounts

Smart account Card (optional for 11 year olds and over):

  • You can view your balance by Signing On
  • You can view your statement by Signing On
  • You can make instant transfers to other Nationwide accounts
  • You can receive instant transfers from other Nationwide card based accounts

For accounts opened prior to 29 October 2014 a card option is available from the age of 11. To change an existing Smart passbook to a cash card please visit your local branch or apply online via our Internet Bank.

Smart is an account for under 18s. When you turn 18 we will write to you to tell you about the other savings accounts we offer. If your account hasn’t been changed when you reach 18 years 6 months, we’ll automatically convert it to our CashBuilder account.

If you have a Smart Card account it will mature into a CashBuilder Card account. If you have a Smart Passbook account you will mature into a CashBuilder Book account.

If you wish to transfer your Smart account into one of our other savings accounts, you will need to close the Smart account and open a new account on the same day to ensure your membership is continued.

For more information on selecting a suitable savings account, please visit our savings accounts page.

Interest is paid to your Smart account twice a year on 30 June and 31 December.


Smart accounts can be closed at any branch. Identification in the form of a passport, birth certificate or drivers licence (paper version or card with green paper counterpart) will be required.

Since 6 April 2016 interest is paid without tax deducted. You may need to pay tax on any interest that exceeds your Personal Savings Allowance. For more information please visit HMRC’s website at hmrc.gov.uk

We therefore no longer require you to complete an R85 to receive interest gross.

There are forms available online to change your name or address. These can be found within 'Other Services' on your Internet Bank. Alternatively you can pop into your local branch.

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