If you have any questions about managing your MySave Online account, check the frequently asked questions below to see if we can help - just click the question and the answer will appear underneath:

No, this account is only available to existing MySave Online Plus customers when their MySave Online Plus bonus expires. If you hold a MySave Online Plus account you will receive notification of your options by email prior to bonus expiry.

Simply log in to Nationwide's MySave Online Savings site to view your account statement and operate the account.

If you hold a Nationwide current account and you are registered for Internet Banking you can:

  • Log on to your Nationwide Internet Bank and select ‘Make a payment’ from the payments and transfers page. You can make multiple payments.  
  • Set up a Direct Debit mandate using a nominated account via the MySave Online Savings site. Please see section 10 of our user guide for more details.

If you don’t hold a Nationwide current account you can:

  • Ask your current bank or building society to make a payment (or multiple payments) using the following information:
    Our Account Number: 23456129
    Our Sort Code: 20-97-78
    Beneficiary Name: Nationwide
    Payment Reference: Full Account Number and Surname
  • Set up a Direct Debit mandate using a nominated account via the MySave Online Savings site. Please see section 10 of our user guide for more details.

Withdrawals from your account can be made via the MySave Online Savings site. Simply tell us how much you want to transfer to your nominated account and the money will normally arrive on the next working day following your request. Requests to transfer money out of your account received before 1pm on a working day will start to be processed the same day. Requests received after 1pm will start to be processed the next working day.

If you need to access your money more quickly, then same day transfers to your nominated account are available subject to a charge. Please call 0800 464 3015 to request a same day transfer.

No, MySave Online is an easy access account, so you can make unlimited withdrawals. Interest is based on the account balance and is calculated daily.

Your monthly account period will start on the first day that money is paid into your account, for example, if you pay in money on the 15th January, your monthly period will run until the end of the 14th February.

You can find the date of your initial payment by logging into your account via the MySave Online Savings site and going to account information.

Once you have a MySave Online account, the easiest way to find out the interest rate you are currently receiving on your account is by logging on to the MySave Online Savings site and viewing the 'Account Information' section.

Since 6 April 2016 interest is paid without tax deducted. You may need to pay tax on any interest that exceeds your Personal Savings Allowance. For more information please visit HMRC’s website at hmrc.gov.uk

We therefore no longer require you to complete an R85 to receive interest gross.

Interest will be calculated at the end of your monthly account period and paid to the account chosen by you. Please note that interest payments will take up to 4 working days to reach your account.

Interest is calculated daily; however you will receive the current interest rate that is appropriate to your balance on the account from the day your transaction is applied.

The MySave account allows you to open an online savings account with Nationwide even if you don't hold a Nationwide card account.

In order to operate a MySave Online account you can choose any UK bank account as your nominated bank account (as long as that account accepts direct debits). MySave Online accounts are operated from a Nationwide savings site called 'MySave Online Savings' which includes all the functionality you require to manage your MySave savings.

Existing customers who are registered for Nationwide's Internet Bank can also apply for and operate MySave accounts through the MySave Online Savings site.

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