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Nationwide offers a choice of two household insurance policies, Home Insurance and Home Insurance Essentials.
The information provided below applies to both Home Insurance and Home Insurance Essentials, unless stated otherwise.

This is simply down to the rounding of the annual premium when divided by 12 months. For example if a policy has an annual premium of £200, then this equates to £16.666666 and this needs to be converted into a whole number. For the first month £16.74 will be paid followed by £16.66 for 11 months. (£16.66 x 11 months = £183.26 + the first payment of £16.74 = £200 which is the annual premium).

No, the payments are calculated over the year and then this is averaged out over the 12 months. As outlined in the previous question only the first payment may differ.

No, individual premiums will be unaffected.

No, payments by credit card must be annual.

Yes you can choose any date between the 1st and 28th.

Yes, please see our policy wording booklet for details of the no-claim discount available on the Nationwide Home Insurance policy and the Nationwide Home Insurance Essentials policy.

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