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Nationwide offers a choice of two household insurance policies, Home Insurance and Home Insurance Essentials.
The information provided below applies to both Home Insurance and Home Insurance Essentials, unless stated otherwise.

No, you are only covered if a home emergency occurs and you need a tradesman to make your home safe, secure and to prevent further damage. The type of emergency covered includes damage to the roof, plumbing and drainage, home security, main heating system and domestic power supply failure.

A sudden unforeseen event which requires immediate corrective action to prevent damage or further damage to your home, to make your home safe and secure and to alleviate any unreasonable discomfort, risk or difficulty to any insured Person.

If your shower has a constant leak then we would arrange for an engineer to isolate the leak to prevent any further damage. If the shower is the only washing facility in your home we would arrange for a repair to be carried out. We would decline the claim if the shower only leaks when being used and you have another washing facility i.e. a bath.

Home Emergency is only available for owner occupiers. If you are anything other than an owner occupier then the Home Emergency option will not be available.

No there is no limit to the number of emergency calls outs where each incident is unconnected. However the most we will pay for any one insured incident in total is £500 (including Value Added Tax) as shown in your schedule, for call out charges, labour costs, parts and materials to provide help with an insured emergency.

Wasps are classed as vermin but removal of them must be from the main property and be as a result of the sudden infestation which prevents the use of the loft or one or more rooms in the home, removal will not be made from an outbuilding. The removal and/or control of bee’s nests is not covered.

You do not pay an excess for Home Emergency it just covers up to £500.


Please have your policy number available and call: 0800 464 3025.

Use this for urgent assistance with emergencies in your home such as a burst pipe or damage to your roof.

If you have chosen to include the Home Emergency section of the policy and you call the helpline to notify us of the emergency, you may have cover for the costs involved. If not, you will be responsible for paying the tradesman for any work carried out

If you have an existing policy, you’ll need to consider which policy is better for you, before deciding to add this additional cover. Please read the full policy documentation to help you make your decision.

Yes you can.

Yes – Section 5 – Home Emergency special conditions states:- You must maintain your home and all domestic equipment in good condition, and carry out or arrange for regular inspections and preventative maintenance to the fabric and structure.

Alarms being set off and fixed due to power failure would not be classed as an insured incident as they are not considered to be an emergency, therefore not covered under the Home Emergency cover.

If you have another toilet in the property we would only isolate the leak, however if the toilet is blocked we would appoint a contractor to unblock the pipe or drain.

No, if you still have hot water and heating then it will be a general maintenance issue which is excluded from the cover.

When your boiler is not working at all and you have no hot water or heating.

Generally, we would carry out either a temporary repair or permanent repair where possible. For example, if you had a leak coming through your roof, the contractor will normally cover the exposed area in tarpaulin but will not repair or replace the missing roof tiles on the roof.

If there was a break in at your home and a window was smashed leaving your home unsafe, we will arrange for a contractor to board the window up to make the home secure. Full repairs will not be covered and should be referred to the insurers of the building.

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