If you have any questions about managing your Fixed Rate ISA , check the frequently asked questions below to see if we can help (just click the question and the answer will appear underneath):

You can apply for a Fixed Rate ISA online via our Internet Bank or in any Nationwide branch.

Transfers in from existing ISAs with other providers are only accepted as part of the initial application for this product.

No it is not possible to pay additional deposits into the account after the initial deposit has been paid.

No, part withdrawals are not possible during the term of the account, you would have to withdraw the total balance and close the account.

If you close your Fixed Rate ISA prior to maturity, an early access charge will be applied in the form of a loss of interest.

 Lost interest on closure
   5 years 4 years  3 years  2 years or 18 months  1 year or less 
Loss of interest  365 days  320 days  270 days  180 days  90 days

Interest can be paid annually or monthly and on maturity. You can withdraw it or you can choose to have your interest paid into your ISA (annual interest option only), your current account or another Nationwide savings account (subject to the terms and conditions of the receiving account). When the term is not a full year and you have not chosen to receive monthly interest, interest is paid on maturity.

Please refer to the rate information you were given at the time you opened your account for the date of interest payment or ask in branch.

The rates and terms for Fixed Rate ISA are only available for limited periods and may be withdrawn from sale without notice.

We'll send you a certificate within a few days of opening your account. A statement will be sent to you annually, as long as you have £100 or more in your account(s) when we produce the statement. You can check your account online or at your local branch.

When your Fixed Rate ISA is nearing maturity, we'll let you know the exact maturity date, a projected maturity value, and also advise you of your options for reinvesting with Nationwide to boost your savings further.

Once your Fixed Rate ISA does mature, it will automatically mature into a Fixed Rate ISA Maturity where you will continue to earn tax-free interest on your savings.

Yes, you can hold more than one Fixed Rate ISA subject to the maximum ISA allowance.

Fixed Rate ISAs can be closed at any branch. Identification in the form of a passport or drivers licence (paper version or card with green paper counterpart) will be required along with the bond certificate.

Any lost or stolen certificates must be reported before the account can be closed. Please contact your nearest branch or call us on 0800 30 20 11 to report a lost or stolen certificate.

To transfer your Nationwide ISA account to another provider you'll need to contact your new provider and complete an application form. Your new provider will then get in touch with us.

Fixed Rate ISA transfers are subject to early access charges.

You may be able to transfer online, from your existing provider, into your Nationwide cash ISA in one easy application.

You don't need to worry about letting your current provider know - we'll do it for you.

Find out more about how to transfer your ISA to Nationwide.

There are forms available online to change your name or address. These can be found within "Other Services" on the Internet Bank. Alternatively you can pop into your local branch.

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