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Account information

Our FlexPlus current account offers competitive in credit interest and charges as well as a range of value added features including Worldwide Family Travel Insurance, UK & European Breakdown and Recovery Assistance, Worldwide Family Mobile Phone Insurance, Extended Warranty Protection, Identity Theft Assistance and Worldwide Emergency Card Assistance

We’ll pay 3% AER (2.96% gross p.a.) variable on your in-credit balance up to £2,500. This is calculated on the balance in your account at the end of each day.

The total interest for a month will be calculated on the last day of the calendar month and applied to your account on the 1st day of the next month.

FlexPlus has a £10 monthly fee as well as some fees when the account is overdrawn. It is important that you understand these fees before you take out a FlexPlus account, so that you can be sure you get the right account for you.

We have a range of current accounts at Nationwide, designed to meet the different needs of our customers. If you don’t think FlexPlus is right for you, please take a look at one of our other accounts.

We offer a range of services to help you bank with us, see our ways to bank page for more information.

If you have any questions about the account, its insurance products or other benefits, please call the FlexPlus helpline on 0800 11 88 55.

If you would prefer to contact the insurer directly when claiming, individual numbers are provided in the policy documentation.

It’ll take you around 10 - 25 minutes to apply for a FlexPlus account online.

An account for one person can be opened within 24 hours (subject to status) and you’ll be covered by the insurance products as soon as the account is opened. It’ll take approximately 5-7 working days for you to receive your Visa debit card and account information.

If you’re applying for a joint account, we’ll need to send you some paperwork to sign. As soon as we receive your paperwork, the timescales above will apply.

Of course! When you apply we’ll ask you at the very start if you want to open a sole or joint account. It’s as simple as that.

Want to turn your existing account into a joint account? Just complete the form - you can download the addition of an account holder form, pick it up from any branch or you can send us a secure message if you're registered for the Internet Bank and we’ll send a form to you.

Note: If the account holder to be added does not currently hold any Nationwide accounts, please visit a Nationwide branch with identification to have a profile set up.

Accounts can be closed in any of our branches. It must be the account holder (or Power Of Attorney or Court Of Protection) that asks us to close the account.

For security reasons you must return any cards issued with the account when you close your account.

You cannot close your account if it’s overdrawn. If any charges are due on your account, then we’ll close it the day after the charges are paid.

The FlexPlus account has a monthly fee of £10 which is taken from your account on the last day of the month (even if this is not a working day).

The first monthly fee will be taken at the end of the month after you have opened your account. For example, if you open your account on 1st February the first monthly payment will be taken on 31st March.

FlexPlus comes with automatic registration for our Telephone Banking service. If you’re not already registered, we’ll register you and send you a letter about how to get started. See our ways to bank pages for information on how to sign up for the Internet and Mobile Bank or any other service we offer like text alert.

When you ask us to make Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments on a future date, we attempt to make these payments in the morning.

Payment Retry

If you haven't got enough money in your account to make the payment, we'll try to make the payment again on the same day at 2:30pm. This is to give you more time to get cleared funds into your account. You can do this by paying money into your account at any of our branches, making a Faster Payment from another bank or a quick transfer online from another Nationwide account. To find out when a cheque you're paying into your account will clear, please use our cheque clearance calculator.

If you register for any of our text alerts, we'll also automatically send you Payment Retry alerts.

If you still don't have enough money to cover the payment when we try to take the payment again at 2:30pm, you'll still only receive 1 unpaid transaction fee.

Insurance & Benefits

The insurance policies start as soon as your account is opened but you won't be able to claim for any incidents which occurred before the account opening date. If the account can't be opened immediately (for example, for joint applications where we may require additional signatures to open the account), then cover will start as soon as you receive your letter confirming that the account is opened or complete the application in branch.

Customers who upgrade to FlexPlus from an existing Nationwide current account will be covered as soon as their application is completed.

For Annual Worldwide Travel Insurance, if you, an account holder or a family member (as defined in the policy terms and conditions) are 75 years old or over; in order to continue to benefit for travel cover you must contact the insurer to purchase an age extension to your policy (£50 per account per annum). You will also be required to be medically screened to confirm if you have any existing medical conditions. Some medical conditions will incur an additional premium or we may not be able to provide cover for that medical condition. Your policy will not cover this person for claims relating to a pre existing medical condition until you have done this.

There are no age restrictions on any of the other insurance policies.

It's really important that you understand your eligibility to claim on the FlexPlus insurance products before you apply for a FlexPlus account. We'll ask you a number of questions about eligibility during the application process. This is to help you understand if the account will meet your needs. These eligibility checks will indicate which products you will be able to claim against. Any claims will also be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. 

You must continue to consider your eligibility to claim on an ongoing basis. Please do this regularly and always when your personal circumstances change. The policy summary contains an eligibility guide or you can contact the insurers on 0800 11 88 55.

All claims can be made by calling:

  • 0800 11 88 55 (UK)

  • +44 1793 541 200 (abroad)

Emergency Travel or Breakdown Assistance

If you need travel or breakdown assistance, you can contact the insurers directly. 

Please also read the policy documents (see How do I get a copy of the Policy document or summary) to familiarise yourself with any information that may be required to claim. This will help your claim to be processed quickly and effectively.

You will need to provide your account number for all claims. You will need to provide further information for some of the insurance products:

Insurance Extra information required
 Travel insurance You will be asked for documentation in support of your claim, below are some examples of what type of documents may be asked for, this list is not exhaustive:
  • Proof of purchase and a Police incident reference number to support loss or theft claims
  • A booking and cancellation confirmation/invoice will be required to support a cancellation claim
  • Receipts for additional expenses incurred
  • A medical certificate to support claims for cancellation, curtailment or medical expenses  
Breakdown cover
  • Your name and address
  • Vehicle details: registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle you are travelling in
  • Exact details of your location, your phone number and the problem with your vehicle
  • If you are driving a vehicle owned by an account holder you must be able to provide their name, address and date of birth as well as the above
Mobile Phone Insurance
  • A proof of purchase or proof of ownership document which states your phone’s IMEI number e.g. a till receipt or despatch note
  • For loss and theft claims you must also notify your network provider
  • For loss, theft and malicious damage claims you will also need a Police incident reference number
 Extended warranty  Proof of purchase

Please tell us if you are going to use your card abroad. For security reasons, foreign use can sometimes trigger a temporary block on your card to avoid misuse. Find out how to tell us you're going abroad.

You don't need to inform the insurance companies if you are going away. You must however check your eligibility to claim before starting your journey.

If you have existing insurance policies that give the same cover elsewhere, you’ll need to consider whether you may be paying for duplicate cover. In this instance, you will need to work out which policy provides the best cover at the best price for you.

You should be aware that the costs of any claims, where cover is provided by both policies, may be shared proportionally between the two insurance companies if you retain both policies.

If you ask us to, we can check for you whether you have any duplicate cover on policies held at Nationwide. You’ll need to check other policies that you hold elsewhere.

Nationwide is committed to providing you with the best possible products and service. Where we feel it is in the interest of our customers we will carefully source products and services from alternative suppliers, who have a track record for delivering an excellent customer experience.

The insurance policies are provided as part of the current account as a package. This has enabled Nationwide to negotiate the best possible prices and keep the fee as low as possible.

As a result, you are not able to cancel the individual insurance policies offered on the account. If the account no longer meets your requirements, you should switch to a more suitable account. 

You must give your full name, the full name of the account holder(s), along with their home address and date of birth. You should also tell us the exact details of your location, your phone number and the make, model and registration number of the vehicle you are travelling in when you call.

Remember, the vehicle must be registered to the account holder and you must have permission from the account holder to use the vehicle before you begin your journey.

Breakdown assistance provides cover for account holders travelling in any eligible vehicle and for anyone driving an eligible vehicle registered to the account holder(s) and being used with their permission. Please see your policy document for full details on vehicle eligibility and criteria.

Account holder(s) are able to make a claim on the Extended Warranty protection.

Travel and mobile phone insurance provides cover for the family. Family members include: you, your partner/spouse and all children (including legally adopted, foster and step children) of the account holder who have not reached the age of 19 or not reached the age of 22 if in full time education, living at the home address and are unmarried or have not entered into a Civil Partnership. We will cover dependent children who do not reside permanently (or for the majority of the time) with the account holder, providing the child(ren) reside permanently with the other parent for the remainder of the time.

Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded by this insurance. You should read the medical warranty on page 10 of the terms and conditions to understand what a pre-existing medical condition is and see if your pre-existing medical condition can be covered. Or, you can call U K Insurance Limited on 08452 46 16 92 to be medically screened. You may be informed that they can cover your medical condition for free or you may have to pay an additional premium. They may not be able to provide cover for some medical conditions and if this is the case they will provide this in writing to you.

FlexPlus insurance products come with lots of benefits as standard (travel insurance includes both winter sports and golf cover for example). For this reason, we’re confident the need to upgrade is minimal.

On the travel insurance policy in particular there are a few things you can upgrade your policy to cover. These include extending your cancellation cover or trip duration as well as waiving your policy excess. For the more adventurous, you may want cover for hazardous activity. A premium will apply to all upgrades. Please contact the travel insurer for more information directly on:

  • 0800 11 88 55 (UK)
  • +44 1793 541 200 (abroad)

Please read the policy documentation carefully (see: How do I get a copy of the policy document or summary above) to determine whether you need to upgrade any of your policies.

If you have switched to FlexPlus from another Nationwide account any applicable upgrades will be transferred automatically. If the upgrade no longer applies (for example worldwide which is automatically covered by the FlexPlus travel insurance) or you decide you no longer want the upgrade you will not receive a refund unless you are within the cooling off period and no claims have been made.

For Emergency claims lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We will not provide you with individual certificates of insurance for each of the policies. Your account number will act as the policy number for reference. Cover will be provided, subject to eligibility, for as long as your FlexPlus account is open.

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