We have listed below common queries customers ask about our Nationwide Car Insurance, provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited (LV=).

Does my car insurance cover me to use my car for business use?

Social, domestic and pleasure use allows you to drive to one set place of work. This is automatically included in your car insurance policy unless stated otherwise. If you do need to use your car for business use, you will need to add extra cover onto your policy.

Are additional drivers on my car insurance policy insured to drive other cars?

No, but depending on the level of cover chosen the policyholder may be able to drive other cars at third party cover (with owner’s permission).

When my car is in the garage for a service, does my car insurance cover me to drive the garage's courtesy car?

Yes, you will have exactly the same cover on the courtesy car as you do on your own policy.

If I have a claim for windscreen damage, does it affect my No Claim Discount?

No, windscreen claims do not affect your No Claim Discount.

What is accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage is covered on comprehensive policies. This covers you for damage to your car as well as the third party's vehicle after an accident.

What is personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover will pay out if you or your spouse / partner are accidentally injured in your car, and within 90 days, independently of any other cause, if the injury results in:

  • Death;
  • Permanent loss of any limb above the wrist or ankle; or
  • Complete and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes.

More information can be found in section 8 of the Document of car Insurance.

You can choose to increase your level of cover from £10,000 to £100,000 when you generate your quote.

What does S, D & P stand for?

S, D & P stands for Social, Domestic and Pleasure. This covers you for normal day-to-day driving, such as using your car to go shopping or to visit family and friends and to drive to one set place of work.

Can I choose the level of car insurance cover I want?

Yes. You can choose between Comprehensive car insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party only car insurance. For cars which are under 6 years old and for policies in Northern Ireland cover is only available on a comprehensive basis. See the Summary of cover table for more information on the different levels of car insurance cover.

Does my windscreen excess cover the other glass on my car?

Yes, all glass is covered by the windscreen excess including sunroofs and glass roofs.

Are child seats replaced after an accident?

Yes, if you have a child car seat in your car and your car is involved in an accident that results in impact damage to your car, LV= will replace the child seat with a new one of the same quality, even if it doesn't appear to be damaged.

Do I have to show my car insurance certificate when I use my car abroad?

When you take your car abroad the cover you have is shown on your insurance certificate so you must always take this with you.

Do I need a green card to take my car abroad?

You only need a green card if you want to use your car in countries other than the ones listed on the back of your car insurance certificate.

What countries am I covered to drive in?

Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft policies automatically cover you in the following European countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican State.

You can also be insured in the following countries on request: Albania, Morocco and Turkey.

You cannot be insured in the following countries: Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia and Ukraine.

If my car has an alarm, immobiliser or Tracker fitted, does it affect the price of my insurance policy?

A discount is not provided for additional security at present.

Does my car insurance cover me to drive other vehicles?

Depending on the level of car insurance cover you have chosen, you may be able to drive other cars at third party cover (with the owner's permission). You will need to check this on your insurance policy documents.

How do I make a claim on my car insurance?

To make a car insurance claim, call the LV= new claims on 08456 40 59 22 and the consultant will give you further information of what to do. You can find more information about making a claim on your car insurance in the claims section.

How soon do I need to report an incident to the police?

Inform the Police as soon as possible and at least within 24 hours if your car or its contents are stolen and provide LV= with the crime reference number.

Do I have to pay the excess towards a Third Party claim?

No, you only need to pay the excess towards your own repairs.

Can I arrange for my own Courtesy Car?

Yes, if you choose to arrange for your own car then you will be liable for the cost.

Am I entitled to a Courtesy Car?

If you have a Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft policy you are entitled to a guaranteed courtesy car subject to using a LV= recommended repairer. If you choose to arrange your own Courtesy Car then you will be liable for the cost. 

Can I use my own garage to repair my car?

You can use your own choice of garage, however LV= cannot guarantee to provide a temporary replacement vehicle if you do not use one of their recommended repairers.

Are factory fitted options classed as modifications to my car?

No factory fitted options are not classed as modifications. A modification is any change made after the car leaves the factory that alters the standard specification or the appearance of the car.

How do I add another driver to my car insurance policy?

If you want to add another driver to your existing policy, please call LV= on 08456 40 59 20 and they will be able to add the other driver to your car insurance policy. You will need the following information about the other driver:

  • Their name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Occupation;
  • Driving licence details; and
  • Their driving experience (such as any previous claims or motoring convictions).

A £15 administration fee may apply. Please check with the consultant when you call.

Acceptance of the additional driver is not guaranteed and your premium may increase or decrease as a result of the addition.

I have sold my car, how do I cancel my car insurance policy?

If you need to cancel your insurance within 14 days of receiving your documents, we'll refund any money you've paid, less a charge for the cover you've had and a cancellation charge of £40 for setting up the policy. A charge won't be made if you cancel before your cover start date.

We'll send you the refund within 30 days of you telling us that you'd like to cancel.

If you need to cancel your policy more than 14 days after you receive your documents, and if you've not made a claim, we'll refund any money you've paid, less a charge for the cover you've had and a cancellation charge of £40. In all cases we need the certificate to be returned to us.

To cancel your policy, call LV= on 08456 40 59 20.

Please see the policy summary for more details.

Does taking the Pass Plus test make any difference to my car insurance premium?

LV= do not currently give a discount for the Pass Plus test.

How do I qualify for the Guaranteed No Claim Discount?

The Guaranteed No Claim Discount is available if you are 21 years old or more and have built up at least 4 years No Claim Discount (this is subject to there being no outstanding claims).

I've changed my car, how do I transfer my existing car insurance to my new car?

Call LV= on 08456 40 59 20 and let them know the details of your new car. They will update your car insurance policy and send you a new Certificate of Insurance. A £15 administration fee may apply. Please check with the consultant when you call.

Your premium may increase or decrease as a result of the transfer.

What is a policy excess?

An excess is the first portion of a claim which you are responsible to pay and is individual to each policy.

Do I have to pay the excess?

If your schedule shows that you have to pay an excess, you must pay this.

How do I claim my excess back?

LV= would look to recover the excess if the accident is not your fault and they have the third party's details.