Claims Advice Helpline 08000 51 02 16

Use this service to report a new claim or get help with an existing claim, other than Legal Assistance and Home Emergency claims.

Home Emergency Helpline 0800 464 30 25

Use this for urgent assistance with emergencies in your home such as a burst pipe or damage to your roof.

If you have chosen to include the Home Emergency section of the policy and you call the helpline to notify us of the emergency, you may have cover for the costs involved. If not, you will be responsible for paying the tradesman for any work carried out.

Legal Assistance helpline 0800 464 30 26

Use this service for confidential legal advice over the phone on any personal legal problem.

You can also use this service to discuss a potential Legal Assistance claim, if you have purchased cover under this section of the policy.

Other helpline 0800 464 31 31

This helpline is available to provide you with confidential personal counselling, tax advice and health and medical information.