A joint current account can be useful if your finances are closely linked to another person. Nationwide Current accounts (with the exception of FlexOne, our current account for 11 to 17 year olds) can all be held as joint accounts.

Things to be aware of with a joint account

  • The money belongs to both account holders.  This means you’re each entitled to, and can withdraw, money from the account. If the relationship breaks down, including divorce and separation, you will need to let us know and we can freeze or stop the account to prevent one person withdrawing all the money
  • Ownership of the funds - it's up to you to decide who owns what share of the money in the account. Nationwide will not recognise an agreement unless the law tells us to do so
  • Membership - each person will become a member of Nationwide, but only the first named account holder has the right to vote
  • Different addresses - the account holders can have different addresses, but the statements and any paperwork will go to the first named account holder
  • Death of an account holder - if a joint account holder dies, the surviving account holder is entitled to all the money in the account and the account will stay open in their name
  • Viewing accounts online - if you have a joint account with someone, you’ll need to register separately for Internet Banking
  • If you are an existing e-savings account holder, an additional account holder will be able to view and/or control any associated e-accounts.

Add an account holder to your current account

You’ll need to complete a form to do this. Get the form by:

Forms for adding an account holder

Remove an account holder from your current account

You’ll need to complete a form to do this. Get the form by:

Form for removing an account holder

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