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Mobile Banking fraud

Having your mobile phone stolen isn’t just costly in time and money, it can also lead to much more.

If you've had your mobile phone stolen, tell your provider straight away. They can blacklist and deactivate it remotely. You should then change any passwords for online accounts you access through your phone as soon as possible, for example the Banking app.

If you've been affected by Mobile Banking fraud please call us immediately on: 0800 464 3051

Protect your mobile

Fraudsters will attempt to get access to your account via your mobile phone but first they need your personal details. They'll use a variety of ways to get this, like social networking, phishing emails, phone calls (pretending to be from a bank or the police) and bin-raiding.

Your mobile phone may hold lots of personal data, take care of it:

How can I protect my phone?

  • Set up a password or passcode on your phone or tablet and keep it locked when you’re not using it. 
  • Never store personal details like passwords or PIN numbers on your mobile device.
  • Set up a secure pin on your voicemail so that only you can access your messages. 
  • Many smartphones and tablets now come with the ability to remotely lock and track it if it’s lost or stolen. There are a number of apps but some handsets themselves are capable of this. 
  • Get up-to-date anti-virus software, operating systems and firewalls if your phone supports them

Security Tips

Combating Mobile Banking fraud

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