Changes to my mortgage

See how to change your Direct Debit, term and repayment type, and add or remove a someone from a mortgage. Find out the steps to let your home or port your mortgage to a new home.

Making changes to your mortgage

Bank of England base rate

How a base rate change could affect your monthly mortgage repayments.

Change your Direct Debit

When and how you can make changes to your Direct Debit.

Change of borrower

Add to or remove someone from your mortgage.

Change your repayment type

Apply to change from interest only or part and part to capital repayment or change both your term and repayment type together.

Change your term

Change your mortgage term, or change both your term and repayment type at once.

Letting your property

Fees and charges and steps to apply.

Porting your mortgage

Steps to move your mortgage to your new home.

Borrow on your mortgage

Information and support on borrowing more.

    Managing your mortgage

    Register for Internet Banking and manage your mortgage online.

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      Getting a mortgage

      Mortgage payments

      Mortgage statement, fees and charges

      Mortgage difficulties and bereavement