Branch accessibility

Accessibility in our branches

We've equipped all our branches with Helping Hands Units that include items such as magnifiers, an easy-grip pen, and cheque templates, to help members with disabilities. For details about a specific branch's facilities, please use our Branch finder.

Most branch facilities include:

  • employees trained in disability equality
  • level access or wheelchair ramps or assistance buttons at entrance
  • power assisted entrance doors
  • hearing aid induction loops
  • sign language interpreters by appointment

Alternative ways of doing business

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Telephone 0800 30 20 11
  • Textphone 0800 37 80 01

Serving members with mobility difficulties
We have an ongoing programme to improve access to our branches, where planning permission allows. We regularly review the design and layout of our branches so that access is made as easy as possible.

Serving deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired members
We are always looking to improve facilities and access to information for people with hearing difficulties. All branches have at least one counter position with an induction loop that is clearly indicated. Induction loops improve sound quality for people with hearing aids with a T setting. Employees have been trained to be aware of the needs of our hearing impaired members.

For more personal and detailed discussions away from the counter we are usually able to arrange - with prior notice - for a qualified interpreter to be available to you. We can provide British Sign Language interpreters, lipspeakers, speech-to-text reporters, deafblind interpreters and notetakers. Your branch will arrange the interpreter through the RNID's Communication Support Unit. In addition, if you are a textphone user, you can call us direct in text on 0800 37 80 01.

Serving blind and partially sighted members
We provide all our marketing literature in audio, large print or Braille on request within 10 working days.

To order an account statement or any other Nationwide literature in an alternative format please telephone 0800 30 20 11 or textphone 0800 37 80 01.

Assistance with banknotes, debit/credit cards and cheques
We can provide banknote gauges, credit card and cheque templates. Please ask your local branch for details.

Magnifiers and easy grip pens are also available.

Postal accounts

InvestDirect, our postal account, offers you a first class service that you can operate from home.

Help us to help you

Member of Nationwide staff helping a customer

We want to give all our members the very best service every day.

As a member, you may feel that we can improve the service we give you. We'd really like your help to show us how we can do things better. So, if you have an idea about improving our service please don't keep it to yourself, complete our Customer service improvement form. We promise to listen and we will let you know if we can put your idea into action.

Chip and PIN technology

The UK has switched to a new system, called Chip and PIN, a replacement for Chip and Signature cards.

When using debit or credit cards to pay for goods or services in a shop, supermarket, restaurant or garage, cardholders are now asked to enter a four digit number into a number pad instead of being asked to sign a receipt. This number is a Personal Identification Number, better known as a PIN. It is the same PIN as the one used at cash machines and is used in exactly the same way.

Chip and PIN increases card payment security to help prevent fraud. Card fraud at the point of sale is reduced significantly by ensuring the card is genuine and that the user is the authorised owner of the card.

Chip and PIN website

Chip and PIN technology and disabled people

Chip and PIN technology has benefits for many disabled people. However, some people may find it difficult, or impossible, to use Chip and PIN terminals. If a disability prevents you from using a PIN, please ask for a Chip and Signature card to allow you to use your debit or credit cards without the use of a PIN. Your local branch will be pleased to help you, or contact Nationwide's Call Centre on 0800 30 20 11.

A Chip and Signature Card will allow you to carry out point of sale transactions with your debit or credit cards, using your signature as means of identification instead of a PIN. Because all cash machines require the entry of a PIN to withdraw money, we instead allow our Chip and Signature cardholders to make cash withdrawals at our branch counters (such cardholders can withdraw cash below our usual £100 counter-limit) - just tell our counter staff that you have a Chip and Signature card.

When a Chip and Signature card is used in a shop their card terminal (into which a PIN would otherwise be entered) will recognise that this is a card that requires a signature to authorise the transaction and, instead of asking for a PIN to be entered, will produce a paper slip for you to sign. The process is very straightforward.

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