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Save to Buy ISA

Are you eager to get your foot on the property ladder but put off by having to save a large deposit? Or are you looking to move up the property ladder but struggling to meet all the costs? This is where Save to Buy could help, with a dedicated tax-free cash ISA savings account to help you save and a competitive interest rate on your mortgage when you're ready to buy.

Here's what you get with a Save to Buy ISA ...

A rate of 2.00% AER tax-free (variable)

On balances from £50 - £20,000.
0.25% AER tax-free on balances of £20,000+. Part withdrawals not allowed, account can be closed at any time

Save to Buy mortgage

If you keep your account for six months and meet our regular savings requirements, you could access a 5%-deposit Save to Buy mortgage

Cashback rewards

The opportunity to earn a cashback reward on completion of a Save to Buy mortgage

A hand up onto the property ladder

First Time Buyers and Home Movers* can benefit from a dedicated savings account that helps you put money aside for a mortgage

Tax-free savings

Make unlimited deposits up to your annual ISA allowance each tax year, currently £15,000

Easy opening

You can open your account at any Nationwide branch. You will need £50 to open the account and set up a monthly standing order for a minimum of £50

* A first time buyer is someone who has not had a mortgage in the last three years preceding the opening of the account. A home mover is someone who is moving home and have been party to a mortgage in the last three years. Any existing mortgage(s) must be repaid or, for existing Nationwide mortgages, may be ported, on completion of the Save to Buy mortgage.

If you've already used your ISA allowance this tax year then take a look at our Save to Buy savings account.

Save to Buy mortgage

You must have held your Save to Buy ISA for at least 6 months before you can apply for a Save to Buy mortgage and have met the regular savings requirements below.

If you have held your account for less than 12 months:

  • You must not have missed more than 3 monthly deposits of at least £50

If you've held your account for more than 12 months:

  • You must have deposited at least £50 per month for not less than 9 out of the preceding 12 months before you apply

Opening a Save to Buy ISA does not guarantee acceptance for a Save to Buy mortgage. All mortgages are subject to eligibility, underwriting and criteria.

Find out more about our range of Save to Buy mortgages for First Time Buyers, Existing Customers Moving home or New Customers Moving Home.

We're here to help you to save

  • Our Savings Promises ensure we treat you fairly and help you make the most of your savings
  • Through our SavingsWatch service, we'll tell you by email or SMS if we change your savings interest rate up or down and if we launch a new savings account we'll let you know about that too, by email. Find out how to register
  • Download our free mobile banking app - you can check your savings balances and interest rates at any time, save little and often with Impulse Saver and even open and activate some of our savings accounts on your mobile.

Ready to open a Save to Buy ISA?

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Jargon explained

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.
AER includes conditional bonus (if applicable)
The gross rate of interest is the interest rate payable before any income tax is deducted (if you do pay tax).
The net rate of interest is the interest payable after any income tax is deducted (if you do pay tax).
Tax-free is the contractual rate of interest payable where interest is exempt from income tax.
The tax information provided is based on our current understanding of current law and HM Revenue & Customs practice which can change.

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