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Boost your savings towards a first home with Nationwide's Help to Buy: ISA

If you're a first time buyer, our Help to Buy: ISA could really make a difference. It's designed to take advantage of the Help to Buy Scheme, to boost your savings towards a property purchase by 25%.

If you’re 16 or over you can open an account (provided you meet the eligibility criteria†), with an initial deposit of up to £1,200, and then make further contributions of up to £200 per calendar month. (You can contribute to another Nationwide cash ISA product at the same time, as long as you don't exceed your total ISA tax-free savings allowance each year.)

*The Help to Buy: ISA Bonus

When you are ready to buy your property, your conveyancer claims your Bonus (25% of your closing balance) from the Scheme, to put towards your purchase. So for every £200 you save, the Government will add £50. The minimum Bonus is £400 (on a minimum savings balance of £1,600) and the maximum is £3,000 (on a savings balance of £12,000). Of course, you might want to save more with us until you’re ready to buy. 

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The Scheme applies to properties in the UK with a purchase price of up to £250,000 outside London and £450,000 within certain London Boroughs as specified in the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme Rules.

Are you eligible to open this account?

To be eligible for the account you must be:

  • Aged 16 or over
  • An Eligible Customer and not a Residential Property Owner, both as set out in the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme Rules.

For full details of the Scheme Rules, please visit, or ask us for a copy in your local branch.