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Family Deposit Mortgage

A better deal for you – and for a loved one

You were there for their first steps.
Help them take their next.

Borrow more and help a family member on or up the property ladder with our Family Deposit Mortgage.

It’s a wonderful thing, seeing your loved ones standing on their own two feet. Yet no matter how old they get, you still worry about each next step they take. With our Family Deposit Mortgages, you could have one less thing to worry about.

Help them on their way

We’ve made it easier to help a family member into a home of their own. Borrow against part of the equity in your home, and you can gift that additional borrowing to a loved one as a deposit. All we ask is that they buy their first home – or move house – with a Nationwide mortgage.

See our Family Deposit Mortgage page for more details and full terms and conditions.

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