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ISA flexibility at Nationwide

From 6 April 2016, ISA flexibility will be available across all of Nationwide's cash ISA accounts (with the exception of Junior ISA), in line with the account terms and conditions.

What does ISA flexibility mean?

If you withdraw money from your cash ISA, you can now replace it (subject to the terms and conditions of the account) within the same tax year, without it affecting your annual ISA allowance.

Replacement money must be paid back into your cash ISA in the same tax year as it is withdrawn.

If you transfer your ISA to a new provider, we will let them know how much of your ISA allowance remains for the current tax year, including any withdrawals which have not yet been repaid. 

Read more about transferring a cash ISA or come and see us in branch

Key points about ISA flexibility

  • ISA flexibility is subject to the individual terms and conditions of your account – there may be restrictions on the amounts you can deposit or withdraw
  • In the case of fixed rate ISA products, an Early Access Charge is payable
  • In some cases you may need to open a new Nationwide ISA to replace the funds, which may pay a different interest rate.

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