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An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-efficient way to save or invest. UK residents aged 16 and over can choose to save in a cash ISA or if they are 18 or over, a stocks and shares ISA or a combination of both. Parents or guardians could also open a Junior ISA for children under 18.

Each tax year you have an ISA allowance. For tax year 2014/2015 (6 April 2014 until 5 April 2015) your allowance is £11,880. You can save up to £5,940 in a cash ISA and the rest in a stocks & shares ISA. Or you can invest your full allowance in a stocks & shares ISA.

The government has proposed changes meaning that from 1 July 2014 the annual 2014/2015 ISA allowance will be increased from £11,880 to £15,000. Under the new rules, you'll also be able to split your £15,000 ISA allowance as you wish between a cash ISA and stocks & shares ISA.

The good news is, whether you are an existing ISA customer or intend to take one out ahead of the proposed changes, you'll be able to use your higher £15,000 ISA allowance at Nationwide from 1 July 2014. Find out more

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If you've used your cash ISA allowance this tax year you could still invest up to a further £5,940 in a stocks & shares ISA. This could help you use your full £11,880 annual ISA allowance this tax year.

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Jargon explained

* AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.
** AER includes conditional bonus (if applicable)
The gross rate of interest is the interest rate payable before any income tax is deducted (if you do pay tax).
The net rate of interest is the interest payable after any income tax is deducted (if you do pay tax).
Tax-free is the contractual rate of interest payable where interest is exempt from income tax.
The tax information provided is based on our current understanding of current law and HM Revenue & Customs practice which can change.

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