Getting started

So, what is investing?

An investment is something you buy with the hope that it will gain value or provide an income in the years to come.

There are many different kinds of investments with each having its own unique set of potential rewards and risks.

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Is investing right for you

Investing isn’t for everyone. But if you've paid off your debts (excluding your mortgage), have savings for emergencies in your bank or building society, then investing could help you reach some of your financial goals.

You need to be sure that investing is right for you before taking any action.

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Types of investment

Typically, when investing you will purchase an investment fund that invests in a mixture of different assets. An investment fund is a pool of money from multiple customers that has been invested by a fund manager on their behalf.

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Understanding risk

Everyone has their own attitude to risk. With any investment, there’s a risk that you can lose some or all of the original amount you invested in addition to any growth or income that you may receive from your investment. It’s important to think about what this could mean to you. All losses – small or large – will impact your financial wellbeing.

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Investments through Nationwide are provided through Cofunds and Legal & General.

You can invest through us if you're a member of Nationwide. You're a member when you have a current account, mortgage or savings account with us.

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