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When getting your Nationwide car insurance quote, you'll find it useful to have the following to hand:

  • Your car details
  • Details of the vehicle's legal owner and registered keeper
  • Your driving licence (and details of your driving history)
  • Your car insurance cover history

Your car details

Make, model, registration number, and year of manufacture

Your car insurance cover history

Including details of any no claim discount entitlement from a previous policy

  • details of any losses, accidents or claims in the past 5 years
  • details of additional drivers who need cover on the policy
  • your credit or debit card for payments.

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*To qualify as a main current account customer, and access this and other Flexclusive offers you must:

  1. Hold a FlexOne account and be aged 18 or over, or hold a FlexAccount and:
    1. have been paying in £750+ a month for the last 3 months (excluding transfers from any Nationwide account held by you or anyone else);
    2. completed an account switch to us (from a non-Nationwide account) using our Current Account Switch Team in the last 4 months; or 
  2. Hold a FlexStudent account and have paid in £1,500 in at least 2 transactions in the last 12 months; or
  3. Hold a FlexDirect or FlexPlus account

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