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Why choose Nationwide?

Switching to Nationwide

Switch your bank account to us in just 7 working days

We know it's important that your switch goes smoothly and easily. At Nationwide we can move your Direct Debits and standing orders for you, taking care of the whole process from beginning to end when you use the Current Account Switch Service. When you switch you're covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. This guarantees that your old account will be closed and all your payment arrangements will be switched to us in 7 working days.

Why switch to Nationwide?

On your side...

We're not a bank, we're a building society. This means more of our profits are reinvested for the benefit of our members. We aim to deliver:

  • current accounts that could suit your needs
  • great customer satisfaction
  • the best loyalty rewards for our existing customers.*

Switching via the Current Account Switch Service is fast and simple

It takes around 10 minutes to complete the form. You can choose the date that the switch goes through.

Our Current Account Switch Team will do the rest, moving all your payments to your new Nationwide account within 7 working days!

*We recently won an award for the way we reward our customers! Best Loyalty Rewards for Existing Customers awarded by Moneynet 2016

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Switching your current account using the Current Account Switch Service

Manual switching process

If your bank or building society doesn't use the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) you can still move your current account to us using the manual transfer form below. Please ask us or check the list of participating banks and building societies. The Current Account Switch Service Guarantee doesn't apply to the manual process and a manual transfer will always take longer to complete than a CASS switch. You cannot use the manual transfer form to transfer a current account if your old bank or building society is part of CASS. 

You can also use the manual transfer form to transfer to a Nationwide current account from an eligible savings account with another UK bank or building society. To find out whether your account is eligible please check with your existing provider. Please note that this form cannot be used for ISA transfers – you can find information on how to transfer an ISA on our website or by asking in branch.

For more details please ask in branch, or you can download the manual transfer form below to start your transfer. 

Before you switch...

You'll need to decide which current account is right for you...

Don't want to close your existing account?

Partial switch option via the Current Account Switch Service

You can keep your old account open and still transfer payments to a new or existing Nationwide account through the switching process. We call this a partial switch.

We'll set up all your payments for you. This can take up to 20 working days but we'll keep you informed by text, all we need is your mobile number. You will need to:

  • arrange for any payments going into your account such as your salary or pension to be transferred.

  • keep money in both your old account and new account to cover any payments as there is no automatic redirection of funds. 

  • contact any companies that haven’t updated their records so future payments are taken from your Nationwide account.

This service is not covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee as it is a separate service offered by Nationwide.

You can choose a full or partial switch in your switch application.

Already got a current account with us?

Complete the switch

If you already hold a current account with us, you can still transfer all your payment arrangements from an old account to your Nationwide account via the Current Account Switch Service in just 7 working days. Your old account will be closed and you’ll still be covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

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Please note: You won't be able to switch from a joint account to a sole account using the Current Account Switch Service.

Important: If you're applying for a new account and want to switch to us at the same time, please consider postage times, holidays etc. when choosing the date you want your switch to complete on, especially if you also want your old account closed once your new account is open. 

If you ask us to close your old account your existing card will be cancelled on the completion date and you’ll need to use your new Nationwide card from that date onwards.

Questions you might have

To switch you'll need:

  • the name of your current bank or building society
  • your sort code
  • your account number
  • to switch to an account in the same name (whether you're opening a joint or sole account).

Day 1: A list of your Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments will be requested from your old bank or building society.

Days 2-3: Outgoing payment details are received from your old bank or building society

Days 4-6: The companies you pay Direct Debit payments to are contacted and your standing orders and bill payments are set up on your Nationwide current account. If you already have a Nationwide account and are completing your switch to that account, you can continue using the card and pin you received when you first opened the account. If you're switching from an existing Nationwide current account to a new Nationwide current account, you will receive a new card and pin but can continue using your original card and pin in the meantime.

Day 7: Your switch is complete and your old account is closed. We'll notify you to confirm. Your balance will be transferred over by midday. We'll send you a text once the balance transfer has been completed to confirm your switch to Nationwide.

Post day 7: Payments into and out of your old account will continue to be redirected. Before your redirection period ends we’ll inform you of payments that are still going to your old account that you’ll need to transfer.

Charges (including debit interest) and fees may be applied to your old account, without providing the required notification period normally given. For further details speak to your old bank.

All cleared funds will be transferred by midday on day 7 of your switch. Any funds that have not yet cleared such as cheques that have just been paid in will be transferred once they have been cleared.

If you change your mind before the switch has started (7 working days before your switch date) then the whole process can be stopped.Once the switch has started only certain elements of the switch can be cancelled.

The Current Account Switch Service should not interfere with this process and any debit card transactions that you have asked your bank to stop should remain so after your switch.

You may be able to transfer your payments to your new bank without redirecting payments from your old account, and you should discuss this requirement with us.

If your mobile number is already registered, you’ll need to deregister your mobile number from Paym with your previous bank or building society before signing up with Nationwide

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