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Before you apply

  • Check that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Read the Nationwide Credit Card terms & conditions
  • Please take some time to read the Nationwide Credit Card summary information
  • Have you closed a Nationwide credit card in the last 12 months? If so, unfortunately you will not be eligible for the introductory offers. However you can still apply for a new card and enjoy all the other benefits
  • To make your application go as smoothly as possible, please have your last 3 years’ address history and employer details to hand in case we need them

Important information

If you're happy with your quote and want to continue your application we'll leave a record of our check on your credit file that other lenders can see. This is a normal part of many credit application processes but it might affect your ability to obtain credit elsewhere for a short period of time.

Applying online

    • During your application, we're able to check your credit history and give you a no-obligation quote that won't affect your credit rating.
    • Credit cards are available to those aged 18 or over and are subject to circumstances.

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Credit cards are available to those aged 18 or over (UK residents only), and are subject to circumstances and a minimum income of £5,000 per year.