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Managing your money & budgeting

Whether you like to spend or save, being smart about budgeting and money management can make life easier in both the short and the long term.

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Make the most of your savings

Find out about ways to save and grow your money, including savings accounts, ISAs, investments and saving for children.

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Looking after your credit rating

Trying to understand your credit rating after being rejected by a lender? Here we look at what a credit rating is and how anyone can improve it themselves.

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Managing debts

A guide to managing personal debts, whether it’s credit cards, store cards, utility bills, loans or overdrafts.

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Borrowing sensibly

If you're thinking of borrowing money, then it’s important to borrow sensibly to make sure you don’t get yourself stuck in a difficult situation with money later down the line.

Debt consolidation

Find out about debt consolidation, and how to sensibly manage your monthly payments.

Windfalls and inheritance

Find out how to make the most of your inheritance or windfall and understand the tax implications of coming into money.

Dealing with debt problems

Find out how to deal with debt, from planning your budget to finding ways to adapt to new circumstances.

Tax free savings

There’s more to tax-free savings than ISAs. Find out about other ways to protect your hard-earned cash.

Building a safety net

Whether you’re putting some money aside for a rainy day or looking out for your long-term future, savings are the best way to ensure your financial security.

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