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'If you want to switch, nothing should hold you back'

Luke Sutton, Barnsley

“I decided to switch because I was disappointed with the service from my old bank, and I was paying extra for a packaged account that didn’t meet my needs. I popped into my local Nationwide branch in Barnsley and was impressed with the helpful, friendly service I got. The banking manager walked me through the current account options and set the switch up for me there and then – there was no need to wait for an appointment.

I thought I’d need to call round a list of companies and move all my Direct Debits, but Nationwide did everything for me through the Current Account Switch Service. I got notifications by text and email to tell me when each Direct Debit had been transferred. At the end of the week, I got a letter from Nationwide listing all the Direct Debits that had been moved.

Lots of people are nervous about switching, but it’s one of the simplest things I’ve ever done. Now I know how easy it is, I’d recommend switching to anyone, especially since there are so many incentives and benefits around at the moment. If you want to switch, nothing should hold you back.”

Luke switched current accounts in March 2015. If you are not happy with your existing provider, you could start to switch to another provider today.

Switching to a new Nationwide account

Are you an existing customer but want to move to a different Nationwide current account?

Current Account Switch Guarantee

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Your switch is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. Your old account will be closed and all your payment arrangements will be switched in 7 working days.

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