Why switch?

7 Day Current Account Switch Service

Keeping your old account open

Keeping your old account open

If you’d like to, you can keep your old current account open too by doing a partial switch.

What if I want to keep my old account open?

If you want to keep your old current account open, simply transfer your balance to a new account.

We can set up all your Direct Debits and regular payments for you.

However, you will have to arrange for any payments going into your account, such as salary or pension, to be transferred (if you are doing a Current Account Manual Transfer, you can ask us to contact your employer, pension provider etc. for you). You’ll also have to keep some money in both accounts to cover any payments as the partial switch does not include automatic redirection.

This service is not covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee or the Current Account Switch Agreement as it is a separate service offered by Nationwide.

Switching to a new Nationwide account

Are you an existing customer but want to move to a different Nationwide current account?

We have a range of current accounts that could suit your everyday banking needs.

The switching experience