27 September 2016

Have your kids moved back home?

The ‘boomerang generation’, as many of today’s 30-somethings have been dubbed, are increasingly returning home to Mum and Dad to save the cash they need for a deposit on a place of their own.

And while moving back into their family home is bound to be a huge change for most people, it can also have a big impact on their parents who were probably just getting used to having an empty nest.

If your kids have recently returned home, you’ll probably recognise some of these…

  1. They expect you to be at home waiting for them all the time. It seems absolutely baffling that you have a social life as well…
  2. It’s easy to fall back into doing all the cooking/tidying/washing for them. You’re not sure who put their dirty clothes in the laundry or ironed their work shirts when they lived on their own but you certainly know who they expect to do it now.
  3. You still can’t sleep properly until they’ve got home from a night out. Yes, you slept soundly all those years they were living away doing goodness knows what, but now they’re back under your roof you just can’t drift off until you hear them coming up the stairs.
  4. Your kids have accumulated more stuff than you ever thought possible. And it’s all living in boxes in your loft, garage, spare room, hallway… 
  5. They are fiercely protective of their childhood bedroom. They may not have slept in it for 5 years but they’ll notice every little change now they’re back. Just don’t tell them you were planning to turn it into a gym.
  6. You remember all their food quirks. You know they’re an adult now but you just can’t help picking all the onions out of their bolognaise and cutting their carrots into batons not circles. And they’ll love you for it.
  7. Your food and utility bills go through the roof. Who’d have thought one extra person could make such a big difference? Maybe if they turned off a light every once in a while…
  8. They are constantly attached to their phone/tablet/laptop. Eye contact is rare and the bleeping from incoming messages and alerts is driving you round the bend.
  9. There’s never any space on your Sky Plus box. There’s no space for Coronation Street and Countryfile among Walking Dead and Game of Thrones episodes, and someone seems to have deleted all the episodes of Silent Witness you were saving for a rainy day… 
  10. You should take advantage of the initial gratitude. Those first few weeks when they willingly cut the grass, fixed your laptop and insisted on clearing up after dinner are long gone. You should have got the fence painted too.

If you have questions about how to get the 'boomerang generation' back out of the door, we could have the answers.  

Find out how Nationwide could help to get them on the property ladder

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