06 July 2016

12 signs you’re a first time buyer

Do you recognise any of these signs that you’re a first time buyer?

  1. Zoopla and Rightmove account for 90% of your browsing history
    Gone are the days when you headed straight to Facebook or Twitter on your lunch break – now you’re all about poring over property ads and fantasising about how you'd decorate that 3–bed semi you’ve got your eye on.

  2. You daydream about your ideal bathroom
    You’ll be able to fit a walk–in shower and free–standing bath in a 2–bed terrace, right?

  3. You’re suddenly interested in different types of washing machine
    Never mind the latest tablet or smartphone, you’re busy reading up on different specs of household appliances. What drum size should you opt for, and did you know there are some washing machines you can control from your mobile?

  4. Every time your phone rings, you jump, thinking it’s your solicitor or estate agent
    Over the course of buying a house you’ll probably speak to both of them more regularly than you do your nearest and dearest, but that doesn’t mean your heart won’t be in your mouth every time you see their number on your screen. Has your offer been accepted? Has the sale fallen through? Do you have a move date?

  5. You’ve made a spreadsheet of mortgage–related tasks
    And there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking them off – tick!

  6. You can’t believe you actually own a shed/bathtub/doorbell
    And don’t even get you started on the fact you have a garden – even if it is only 3ft by 3ft…

  7. You’ve got encyclopaedic knowledge of every street within your new neighbourhood
    The weeks exploring the area have paid off and you know where to get the best cup of coffee and which takeaways to avoid.

  8. You’ve searched online for property purchase nightmares – then worried about all of them
    It’s normal to wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming about subsidence and woodworm right?

  9. Your emotions towards your seller range from desperate gratitude to mad frustration – within the space of a day
    You’re pleased they had the foresight to decorate the living room in your favourite colour but you just don’t understand why they’re not willing to move into a hotel with their toddler and dog so you can set a moving date.

  10. There isn’t a single property show you won’t watch
    You’re pretty confident even Kirstie and Phil couldn’t have found you a nicer house.

  11. You feel smug every time you see a news story about house prices rising
    Even though you were desperate for them to fall just a few short months ago. How the times have changed!

  12. You’re ridiculously pleased the past owners are leaving their curtains/light shades
    It means fewer things to buy before moving in day.

All mortgages are subject to underwriting and criteria. Minimum age 18.

We know that being a first time buyer is an exciting, but sometimes stressful, time, so we’re here to help. Our Mortgage Guide for First Time Buyers takes you through the process step–by–step and we’ve got a range of mortgages aimed specifically at first time buyers.


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