05 February 2016

Our customers share their best home-move tips

There’s a lot to plan when you’re moving home, and it’s a good idea to get help and support from as many people as possible. That’s why we asked our customers on Facebook to share their top home-moving tips – so you can benefit from their experience and avoid common moving-day pitfalls.

1. Stay calm and deal with one thing at a time

‘My best tip for moving is to not panic! If you just take each hour as it comes and work through everything one by one, you will find the whole process much easier and less stressful! We moved last July and to begin with I was panicking! I also decided to use the opportunity to have a major clear out. This really helped and kept me organised.’
– Shell

2. Be considerate to the new owners

‘We moved last year and it was horrendous... However, we did leave a “welcome to your new home” card in our old house plus a little booklet with names of nearby doctors, dentists, libraries, bus times, rubbish collection days etc.’
– Louise

3. Make sure the kettle is accessible

‘Make sure you label which box the kettle is in! We had a box which we wrote "unpack first" on, which had the kettle and tea bags and other essential items needed for unpacking and moving! Also we got 2 lovely bottles of wine from the estate agents we bought the house from as a housewarming gift. Lovely.’
– Rebecca

4. Be ruthless with clutter

‘Having moved 13 times in 13 years I have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do first is de-clutter! Be vigilant and get rid of bits you really don't need as it just takes up valuable box space. Also plan well in advance and you can always get big boxes from your local big supermarkets!’
– Jade

5. Order a shop or have a takeaway on the first evening

‘Great tips I want to pass on... order a food delivery on your first day, so you don't have to worry about shopping. Also have separate overnight bags with toothbrushes, pyjamas etc. so things don’t get misplaced. Make your beds up first, especially if you have children, so there’s less stress at bedtime.’
– Daneaki

6. Label your boxes

‘Mark each box, ie kitchen, bedroom etc. It makes life a little easier. Also if it’s a priority box mark it with a different colour pen, so you know what needs to be unpacked first.’
– Vicki

7. Start packing in good time

‘Whenever you think is the best time to start packing, add 2-4 weeks to that. It always takes longer than you think as you come across sentimental items or have to do tip runs etc... Never underestimate how long it takes. It's best to do a box or 2 a night initially though to break yourself in!’
– Kate

8. Think about your pets

‘If you have a pet, move everything in and try to unpack as much as you can before you bring them to the new house, so there is not too much going on while they get used to their new surroundings!’
– Charlie

9. Take up offers of help

‘If you are not moving far away, enlist friends to help shift boxes with an invitation to a Bring & Share supper. Everyone brings a plate of food to share and you supply the drinks. The work is shared and moving becomes a much more sociable and stress-free event.’
– Dawn

10. Pack the kids off if you can

‘If you have young children, enlist Granny and Grandad's help! My daughter moved last weekend and we had my one-year-old grandson for 3 nights at our house so they could get his room all ready and familiar for him. He settled really well once he went to his new home!’
– Nicola

11. Decorate before you move in

‘If you can, try to decorate before you move in. It saves covering everything, especially if you have to replaster or sand.’
– Kate

12. Avoid self-assembly hell

‘Put screws and bolts from bits of furniture in freezer bags and stick them to the relevant bit of furniture with masking tape - nothing worse than trying to remember where you put those bits!’
– Sarah

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