21 December 2015

3 ways to deal with toy overload

Once the festive season is over and the tree and decorations come down, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ll have lots more space again. However, depending on how generous Father Christmas (and grandma and grandad and various other relatives and friends) were, the chances are you’ll have a number of new toys to find space for.

We take a look at some ways to deal with toy overload.

1. Get creative with storage

Getting all the toys in your house under control may seem like an impossible task, but by being clever with storage you can make sure there is space for them all and ensure they are easy for your children to access and enjoy. Storage boxes can be stacked on shelves or under the bed, while Ziploc bags are a great way to store Lego sets and jigsaws without having to find space for large boxes. It can also pay to think outside the box a bit – over-the-door shoe organisers are perfect for storing stuffed animals or craft supplies, while storage boxes can also double as footstools or seats to maximise space.

2. Make use of the garage/shed

If all the rooms in your house are bursting at the seams, it might be time to look at storing some toys in your garage or shed. Fit some shelves along one wall and invest in some strong plastic boxes with lids to store toys safely. Keeping some toys out of children’s sight means that they are not overwhelmed by all the different options and you can rotate which toys are kept in the house so that when they become bored, you can bring in something they haven’t played with in a while.

3. Encourage the kids to sell or donate some of their old toys

Involve the kids in the process of deciding what you’re going to get rid of – otherwise you risk throwing out a particular favourite – but make it clear that they must say goodbye to a certain number of items. If donating to charity ask the kids which cause they would like to donate to. If the unwanted toys are in good condition, it might be worth trying to sell them, on a local selling site, eBay or at a car boot sale. You can then put any money you make in your child’s savings account.

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