11 January 2016

Current Accounts Made Simple

In our Current Accounts Made Simple video, you’ll find the key things you need to know about current accounts. We explain what they can be used for, as well as the added benefits you could get from a ‘packaged account’.

Current Accounts Made Simple

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There are loads of different bank and building society accounts to choose from.

But the current account is the one people use most often to pay wages into, or buy things in shops or online or just get cash out.

You can have a sole current account, which is just yours.

Or a joint one, to share with someone else.

You can even set up things like standing orders and Direct Debits to pay your bills.

Most providers let you manage your money online too.

And a lot of the big banks and building societies also offer what’s known as a ‘packaged current account’.

These come with all kinds of additional features, like breakdown and travel cover, mobile phone insurance or even cash back on utility bills.

In return, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, which varies according to the benefits your account gives you.

When choosing between a standard or packaged current account think about which of the extras you’ll make use of and also compare what they might cost you each year right now.

Versus what the packaged current account will cost over the same period.

For example, does the travel insurance cover you for all the trips you might take this year – or just one?

And does it cover you for all those activities you might have planned while you’re away?

The other consideration with current accounts is whether you want one that pays interest on your credit balances.

One of the great things about current accounts though is that, with so many different accounts available in the market, it’s really easy to switch and move to a different provider with the Current Account Switch Service.

Just in case you see something else you fancy.

To help you decide what type of current account you might need, take a look at our current accounts to see what we offer.

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