04 August 2015

How relaxed are you on holiday?

A recent study we’ve conducted shows that despite the average holiday lasting just over a week, it takes at least two to three days to unwind for a quarter of us, plus:

  • Two in five become ill or feel run down when on a break
  • While nearly a quarter of people claim to have been more stressed coming back from holiday than before they went away

After spending months and months eagerly awaiting your holiday, counting down the days until you can pack your bags and shake off the worries and woes of modern day life and truly unwind, exactly how relaxed are you whilst you’re away?

According to new research we’ve released today1 many of us carry our stress with us whilst away and struggle to relax. Even though the main holiday lasts on average nine days, costing over £1,900, more than a quarter of us say it takes between two to three days to truly unwind on holiday with one in ten admitting it takes them between three to four days – or nearly half of the holiday itself – before they start to relax.

Pre holiday worries

Even before we’ve closed our own front door behind us, there are a number of worries that prevent Brits from getting into the chilled holiday mind-set. Forgetting something (40%), missing a flight (40%) and making sure they have travel insurance in case something goes wrong (34%) are the three biggest worries of Brits looking to unwind on holiday.

Money is a major worry for Brits abroad too as 29% agonise about getting caught short, nearly a quarter are concerned about overspending, while more than one in five fret over where they're keeping their money and bank cards.

Why Holidays can make you sick

For most of us, holidays are a time to relax and recharge our batteries. But for some, as soon as they stop work and slow down – they get sick. In fact, 38% of holidaymakers claim they’ve been ill or felt rundown once they get to their destination. This condition is known as Leisure Sickness and strikes those hard workers most in need of a break.

As if it isn’t bad enough that some of us are struggling to relax while we’re away, the return home shows no sign of the worry-factor letting up. A third of holidaymakers worry about flight delays while 29% are already conjuring up images of lost luggage. Worryingly, nearly a quarter admit to being more stressed coming back from holiday, than they were before they went away.

When it comes to holidays, never has the sentiment “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” been so true. Women are much more worried about holidays than men overall (20% of men said nothing worries them before a holiday, compared to just 9% of women). More than a quarter of women worry about the packing, compared to just 11% of men.

Help is at hand

To combat these worries, there is plenty of help at hand. Check out the Nationwide travel information section for guidance on what you can do to have a stress-free holiday. The section includes money tips, emergency phone numbers for customers.

1. OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults between 09/07/15 – 13/07/15.

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